Samsung Drive Link, an Interface to Reduce Distractions at The Wheel

Many of us use, let’s face it, the phone while we drive. If only to put the music, put GPS or mark the number of someone. These simple actions can distract us too the road poking among the dozens of applications you have installed, by very orderly to have it all. To reduce these distractions Samsung Unveils Drive Link.

This application, with which Samsung aims to facilitate and make our driving a little safer is focused to “ provide an optimal user experience ”, according to Wonpyo Hong, Executive Vice President of Samsung Electronics.

Based on the safety standards of the Japanese regulations and under the warning that “ distracted driving can cause serious injury or death ”, Samsung Board in this application information about weather, time and date, or calendar events, with shortcuts to music, phone calls or navigation systems.

We also can Drive link synchronize our Facebook and Twitter accounts, together with the SMS, makes a pretty good compilation, reinforced by the TTS (Text to speech) from Samsung, reading us our messages and updates.

In theory this application is fine, although still and after a use basic past a while, gives the feeling that is little optimized for touch use, Since menus not allowed to slip, but you have to go by clicking on the arrows to scroll, that coupled with some unusually long messages, it gives a somewhat counterintuitive touch.

You can also find Samsung Drive Link for completely free from Samsung Apps, under the limitation that opens with your smartphone star, as you’ve been able to imagine with their images, the Galaxy SIII, expanding to other smartphones under Android 4.0 + (Ice Cream Sandwich) in the future.

Drive Link Version 1.1.011

  • Developer: Samsung Electronics
  • Download it in: Samsung Apps
  • Price: free
  • Category: Navigation