Rumor of the Day: YouTube Plans to Launch Channels with Paid Subscriptions

Those who publish their videos on YouTube only had an alternative to earn money when a video is successful: advertisements. And the model advertising YouTube is not always the least intrusive. But this kind of ads on videos may no longer be the only option for producers of content the largest video site on the planet. YouTube is planning to create paid subscriptions to certain channels.

The information is the site AdAge, citing the rumor came from people familiar with the plans. According to the website, YouTube came into contact with a small group of video producers and asked them to develop a channel in which users had to pay to see the videos. The plans are also estimating the signature value: 1 to 5 dollars a month.

It is not known what type of content users will have access to the payment of subscription, but the site AdAge says that YouTube is also planning to charge for access to live shows and video files on certain channels. It is also unclear what percentage of the signature would be passed on to producers of content.

It is good to see that YouTube is seeking alternative methods to make money – I’m not a fan of having to wait 30 seconds to see a video of 10, as several times. But pay for access to files and live events seems a little too abusive. Anyway, we’ll see what they have up its sleeve in the third quarter of this year, which is when the site AdAge says that this model will be released.