Review: Thorfire TG06


The lamp comes in a protective cardboard box quality. As is usual in mark Thorfire, the flashlight comes sealed by a sticker of enough quality which as well as providing information of the model avoids possible openings during transport. 

The flashlight is protected by sparkling material, according to hetongdiy. You have drawn me much attention good detail of Thorfire include several push-buttons of different colors, along with the flashlight as well as toxic reserve including a luminescent, and another button just in case. This is an added value to the flashlight. Very well. In addition the flashlight has clip, lanyard, warranty card, instruction manual and specifications in Spanish. Ultimately, shipping fast, perfectly packaged and with many accessories at a competitive price.

Once we have the flashlight in hand we see that we we have a compact EDC of one quality more than acceptable and content size. It has an attractive appearance, with a good anodized, good threads and good clip. The recorded laser are quality and the flashlight has a Knurling moderate in its central and back, being based on polygonal type head, allowing easy attachment and unscrew the head. The flashlight supports taisland and the clip can be changed depending on the needs.

The TG06 always starts in high mode and mode can be modified if it is not on-touch on the switch and if it is on off and back on again. It supports both 14500 and AA alkaline and rechargeable batteries.

The flashlight has contained measures. In his hand is one of AA flashlights best feeling produced by me. It should recognize that the design is very ergonomic and that mark has taken care of the details in this aspect. It is presented below along with other AA models


For screening tests, taking into account that it is not a type of lantern which cover huge distances, I have made two shots. A five metres of exterior wall, and another in the Hall of my garage between 90-100 meters in length. The TG06 has a fairly balanced projection between flood and launch, although this aspect is the pitcher most of the tested models. All models used a 14500 battery. We started with outdoor projection.


We have a model that can be considered powerful for its size and the led used. Allows you to use the two types of chemistry. The lithium 14500 and the AA Nimh The truth is that in my opinion is one of the models AA showing more difference in three both chemical, and I would choose to use it whenever possible with 14500. I get this conclusion of analyzing the distribution of modes with one and other batteries

As you can see in the graph with nimh low becomes a ultra low mode mode mode between a low and high would be more akin to the way medium. In addition to the expected significant increase in power with a 14500, we find also that the modes are much better spread at all levels.

In addition to over sharing modes will find more arguments in favour of the 14500 runtime testing. Below is an overview of the runtime to go slowly reeling off details.

In high mode, it is expected. The runtime is much higher with AA than 14500 due to brutal delivery of lumen flashlight offers with the 14500. Is true that AA delivery approximates to the linearity.

But, what happens if you buy the high mode with AA and the middle of 14500?. Well we have a similar delivery and the 14500 has rather more runtime.

So we can defend ourselves pretty well with mode means using 14500 and let the high mode as if in a way turbo were, it is true that due to the high power, the temperature rises enough.


My conclusion is that little more can be ordered for the money it costs this flashlight. Once more Thorfire offers a product with a hardly surmountable quality/price ratio.