Review Tactical Flashlight Ultrafire C3 P4 LED 450 Lumens.

A few days ago came to me the flashlight Ultrafire C3 ‘s, with rated power of 450 lumens …
As soon as I opened the package, my first expression was “that bunitinho” I really expected something greater, as the nominal power of 450 lumens, man suspected as and too small for all the power that she promises … follows a picture comparing the size of it with a flash drive.

Another shock was to put the battery and turn it on, the lighting was excellent, and to my surprise even using only one AA battery the lighting was excellent.

Well, enough talk let’s her specifications:

Brand: Ultrafire

Model: C3

Bulb: LED P4

Power: 450 lumens

Range: approximately 150 Meters in the city, in total darkness must reach 200 meters.

Runtime: 1.5 to 5 consecutive hours. (Depends on the type of Battery and power the same)

Color: Black

Body material: aluminum 6061T Aeronautical

Tactical Drive: Yes

Some more pictures:

Really liked this flashlight so far has pleased a lot, did some tests, including the duration of the batteries tested with 1000 mah batteries from Sony, she stayed with high brightness during 2 hours and 27 minutes after it began to weaken.

Her size and small but with a high efficiency. So much so that I nicknamed her little Warrior, with the details very well worked out is a very beautiful piece, and in great detail,.

An interesting point, and that the rubber parts are fluorescent, which would facilitate very in case of loss, if you use another flashlight to look for her to focus on one of its sides (drive button and isolation of the lens, details in the photos below) will glow fluorescent.



Small size, but keeping a good power.

Durable material, and great focus.

Fluorescent Details.

Versatility as it works both with AA batteries (rechargeable or not) or 14500 Batteries of 3.6 volts.


Heats up during use, did not cause problems until now, best if not microwaved.