Review Luna 4

The luna model figure 4 tent MOR line more “popular” in the camping market. The brand is present in a very large number of department stores, markets, leisure, nautical shops, fishing and camping too. The price is in the range of stalls average cockroaches and presents itself as a good cost-benefit ratio.

This is not a quality tent for the most frequent and experienced campers. The own brand importer claims to be 100% proof. However with the use of a tarp can serve very good for beginners or casual. There are reports of frequent use in family campsite with satisfied users.

According to campingtopgear, initially the camping tent does not bring great news. Is a basic Igloo with good set of triple ventilation: top of the dormitory in mosquito net without lock, bottom with window in mosquito netting with zipper cover and ais the double door with mosquito net, all of the conventional type. This type of mosquito netting, despite pass micro-insetos, allows a more efficient ventilation screens “no-see-a”.

The polyethylene Floor is configured well homogeneous and without pores, whose seams are well finished. The sobreteto is of type “semi-completo” where only the sides go to the ground covering the edge of the floor. In front and rear, the sobreteto is partial. In this way, the dorm has breathable polyester on the sides and waterproof nylon on front and rear. The fiberglass rods are three in number: Two for the bedroom and one for the sobreteto. The espeques are sufficient not to split functions. Sobreteto seams are sealed in the “Ribbon” at the top of the cover only and not fully. The doors are top collection. This configuration makes uncomfortable time pass or to leave open prey, but more effective in protection against insects, since even zippers open, by being “dropped”, end up barring most of the will.

The Assembly is easy as in traditional igloos. The system of clips (not hems) to hold the dorm room to the structure greatly facilitates the work and allows to disassemble the sobreteto finally in case of rain. Extended the dorm on the floor plan, attach and tighten the ends with the espeques. Set the rods, attach them to the corresponding eyelets arching them. Hang the door from the lower to the upper clips and end up tying the top with straps stitched on it already. Arm and attach the rod at the seams of the cover, position it on the bedroom and start stringing for the ridge and in the four seams in the half time. Then fasten the hooks on the ends and finish stretching the moorings and the strings to ensure good performance in the rain and winds.

Conclusion: it’s a great basic entry tent. It is important to use tarpaulins on it in case of rain, because it is not a good technical quality, but can serve many campers profiles for a long time.

Marcos Pivari