Review lipstick Aurora, Flora and Luna Pause to Feminice

I think every woman loves a lipstick, isn’t it? He lives on our purse and always saves to give that “not so done” when you’re tired and no patience to do a make complete. I remember my aunt saying, “you’re going with that face washed? Passes at least a batonzinho, go! “and it’s true because he always gives a lively in our visual. I, I’m a fan taken of Bruna Tavares as a person and as a blogger I am totally in love with any product she bid because the Bruna is a very serious person who works hard and has a good taste undisputed for makeup. Every single lipstick she throws makes my heart jump and, to my delight, I received this week the new releases of the Pause to Feminice with t. Blogs: Aurora, Flora and Luna are the latest colors matte line Bruna in bala and Mr amado, that wonderful colors!

Review lipstick Aurora, Flora and Luna Pause to Feminice

The lipsticks are matte, but it’s not that dry texture type Ruby Woo of MAC, you know? They are soft and delicious. Gives the feeling that will moisturize your lips and he doesn’t break then, as happens with some items of this type. They come in black and classic packaging line, which is imported and very resistant. Have a taste as well, but what I love, which is all Tracta lipstick. Pause for Feminice products are sold only online, in the store, and they cost R$ Tracta 29.26. My tip is to buy several at once, or see if your friends want to make a purchase shared because the price of the lipstick is very fair, but people think the Tracta expensive freight, so that my suggestion is quite valid. Visit the store here: Our site.

I honestly can’t say which of those three I liked the most because I lost it in all colors, really. Are my man and exactly the shade of lipstick that I like to use and buy. All are rose’s family, with different nuances, that can be used at any time of the day and occasion. It’s like the trio of “man of ryqueza”, you know? Bruna is fire … the Sissy doesn’t miss ever!

The lipstick Luna is the darker pink and is the most closed of all three of these, according to beautypically. He’s very smart and has a mixture of pink with purple’s family. I found this very worthy color and chic. Is Kardashian guy, you know? Hahahaha! This lipstick is the power with a make an eye more marked, but only with a neutral shade opaque, eyeliner and mascara. Because seriously, he is very dignified and highlights the face of us immediately!

The lipstick Flora has a deep mauve, is a rose that seems open, according to Bruna, she was inspired by shades of pink of the lipstick used by Katy Perry. I’d say he has a touch of Fuchsia as well, so don’t stay Barbie. If I could describe it my way I’d say he is a pink for mature women, but who have a girl, without being stereotypical or exaggerated. Isn’t that thing closed, but it’s not that pink. It’s wonderful!

The lipstick Aurora was inspired by the color of the year 2016: the Rose Quartz. It’s a shade of pink satin, provençal, more sober and very chic. He’s got that sort of old rose that fascinates me (and I think these shades look great on me and go with everything, all the time!). This lipstick is very neutral, although it is pink. Will work well with a more elaborate or make something more natural. To me he was a more rosy mouth and color these tones are the darlings that don’t come out of my bag, but it’s the kind of lipstick will vary as well from one mouth to another. I’m in love!

I took a picture of the swatches, but so, I didn’t think the picture was true to colors of lipsticks in reality because photo and monitor change the tones. I didn’t take picture of my mouth to show you why fair this week burst wound in my mouth because I had a very strong allergic crisis and my immunity dropped horrors, but here a few days already show you how each color was in me. I know I loved the lipsticks and I will definitely use too much all colors because they are much to my face. Recommend real, girls: in addition to having good price, the products of t. Blogs are of great quality!