Review: Imalent Dn12

Presentation The Imalent DN12 comes in a cardboard box with a plastic protective container inside. The box is quality and full color, but with a predominance of black and blue (very smart), contains a high amount of information about their specifications and fundamental characteristics, as well as information on the brand. Protective plastic container is heavy enough have the flashlight is perfectly protected.

Inside we find a small, thick flashlight along with their accessories; lanyard, Holster, boards, instruction manual, USB cable and also a brand Imalent 16340 battery. This battery has a capacity of 650 mAh and protection circuit.

Lantern looks compact and solid, rectangular Prism, short of size and very thick. The smooth and soft anodized dominates most of its surface, and only broken on the side of the tail, which shows a light Knurling helps unscrew the tail to insert the batteries inside. Due to its own flashlight if it constitutes an anti-rodamiento mechanism. Due to its broad base, and of the location of the hole for the lanyard, the DN12 allows Taisland without any problem.

According to petwithsupplies, this model of flashlight is equipped with a led Cree XPL HI, perfectly centered. It uses a smooth reflector, although if you look very carefully certain waves can be seen in the part closest to the Led, as I’ve seen in other models equipped with this same Led. In relation to its build quality, we can say that it is quite acceptable. Pass thread although it is not overly thick, generates very good sensations. Joints have been perfectly lubricated.

This model of the Internet could be said that it comes out of the ordinary. Stands out from the rest by some aspects that we will begin to enter below. It mainly has a high power for its size, with a selector ramp mode and touch type buttons. Secondly, it comes equipped with a built-in charger. It also has a screen that is going to indicate various functions, including the special modes. What a flashlight without this type of indicator can generate confusion, not knowing very well what their special ways we are using, the DN12 makes it simple. In addition carries a high temperature indicator and shows the amount of the lumen and our battery voltage, including an indicator of low battery that provides the actual battery voltage working. In other words, when asked much firewood, voltage falls much. When we put it to a lumen voltage is high.

As for accessories, I like especially in lanyard, which allows its separation from the headlight without removing all the lanyard using a tab. The cover meets its mission perfectly and carries a set of velcro to attach to a belt.

Its user interface is quite simple. Double click on the top button of the screen turn on the flashlight, and regulate the intensity using the same button for greater intensity, and with the one on the bottom of the screen, we will reduce the intensity. Access to special modes is with a double click on the On button, and to replace them by a simple click.

Size and weight Next we show the weight of the flashlight next to battery and lanyard, and subsequently be shown next headlights more popular to have a clear reference of its size. Despite its thickness I personally think that its size is successful, comfortable and easy to carry.

We have already mentioned that one of their most important functions is its integrated charger. It works very well and is quite fast. Actually, it is too fast for the type of batteries used. to be the same model as the DN11, have due to the charger thinking about charging batteries 18650, but the truth is that 1A load is too much for this type of battery. On the other hand the charger goes adjusting speed of loading in relation to the voltage of the battery.


According to the instruction manual for the performance of this model have been used 18650 3400 mAh (runtime) and 2 CR123a batteries in series. Words really are specifications of this same Lantern but with 18650 body. I.e. the DN11. I’m already tells us that Runtime results will be significantly less to establish them with a 16340. On the other hand the lumens by mode will also be lower than those obtained with a primary lithium of style to that used by imalent. In order to make the comparison in one equitable manner to others of my reviews I used a brand AW IMR. As measuring points has been used the maximum 75% 50% and 25%, as well as the lowest level of 1 lm. In this way we can see that with this type of battery with these percentages of selection results are lower than established by the brand.

As for the runtime, as you would expect in a flashlight powered by a 16340 battery, and with a comparable power to a 18650, it is not too high. Or rather, isn’t it when the power that we are using is high. We must not lose sight that must choose this model whenever you want an EOC’s high performance, something to carry on a daily basis in a comfortable way, and who can promptly offer us high performance. For runtime test, I chose the high mode and intensity of 40%. Both tests were conducted with cooling.

Projection In order to facilitate the identification of the type of projection of this model, test accompany it are models I present below (from top to bottom Nitecore MH20 XM-L2 and Manker Quinlan T01 XPL Hi Nitecore EC11 XM-L2).

First, we will start by projections from outside. This time and taking into account the characteristics of the model we have chosen as a point of reference a construction located at 116 meters approximately.

In the image control can be seen that there were some lighting at night. Come on, huge and radiant moon.


I particularly like. Once you get used to the feel of the buttons everything is superb (if the unit works properly). The amount of useful information provided by flashlight, I love also and while the question screen looks. A good flashlight to carry it in the Fanny Pack, bag, or wrap, which will offer us good performance, provided that we know what have been between hands and so is intended.

Another thing to evaluate is that who buys it should not spend money on anything else. It carries i.e. its integrated charger, and battery. To the Flashalcoholicos this may matter less, but for a person who only want an instrument that light, just him and spare him.

Which I don’t like, because with a tube of Astrolux 18650 one day gave me lot of stick, then let give them… The issue is that with 16340 it worked perfectly this time. It would also be advisable to Imalent specify data of specific yields of this model.