Review: Acebeam T30

Prior Considerations

The review today is about the T30 ACEBEAM, a model with led XHP35 HI, charger and batteries (2*26650) integrated pack.

Just a few months Acebeam gave a blow on the pitchers table with its model K70. A flashlight based on their great models multibateria, magnetic ring, quality and a large reflector putting the ready very high in this segment. Although surpassed in release by the TN42, that if, to consists of size of reflector and therefore to consists of size, it is a very popular segment within the world of the two batteries in series pitchers calling cries a model with XHP35. Acebeam not only wanted to launch a flashlight of these characteristics, but it has overshot it, design it with a pack of two 26650 5000 mAh batteries, something I consider to be important due to the use of a XHP35, and a charger magnetic that charges the batteries in time more than acceptable.

A lot of people (or rather, people not linternolocos like us) this (the magnetic charger and battery pack) is not what more we like, well because we have our batteries and Chargers, allowing them to not have the flashlight unused while charging, and save us the envelope cost. There are many other reasons more than reasonable, and we even find them esoteric, type “a dog of a famous brand that I killed, they called me mataperros”. However other people is what you want, and why brands offer it. I think I like pretty Acebeam this same model, without the magnetic charger should remove or battery pack and would fully cover the market segment, for Lantern already tell in advance I hope know pass on characteristics beyond that the built-in battery is not to our liking, and we don’t need a magnetic charge Bay.


The model come in a cardboard box of enough strength, usual in mark (although I prefer when they send them in aluminium Briefcase). In addition to the logo of the brand has recorded technical specifications, design of flashlight, warranty, brand, etc…

The Lantern comes perfectly protected by a shockproof material molds. The Lantern comes accompanied by a good repertoire of accessories such as cover, tape, magnetic network and car chargers, o-rings, screw the thread of the tripod and instruction manual. All these elements with a high level of quality.

Construction Features

Build quality is typical of the brand, impeccable in every detail. This made of high grade aluminum and anodized very soft with anti-glare lens. The T30 has a steel bezel. The head is completely smooth until we reached the base of the reflector, where are the dissipations fins. The central button is located in such and long body has an efficient Knurling of width box, except right in the middle. It also has a good tactical ring, which contributes to keep the flashlight from rolling, and carries the holes of the fastening tape. The tail is thicker than the body and allows the use in mode Taisland without problem. We can also use with tripod.

Despite being a model 26650, in hand not think more cumbersome than launchers 2* 18650 series models, neither substantially heavier. Access modes is extremely easy and the button is easily accessible.

The tail is located the Bay of magnetic charge, which allows up to 2A, which is not bad. As soon as the mechanized, while we will not need to attach and remove too much, commenting that you can separate the head and the Tail, which facilitates the possible replacement of the batteries in the future. The threads are deep, come clean and perfectly lubricated. Despite the lubricant, we need to exercise some strength to unscrew and screw the body of both flashlight, which indicates that the o-rings do well their work.

Antireflective lens and reflector of the T30 arrived pristine, as befits this brand. A perfectly centered Hi XHP35 (centering black) is housed inside.

Size And Weight

As we have already mentioned, it is somewhat heavier and thicker pinch in your body than equivalent models for 18650, but the difference is not substantial or decisive against her. In fact it can be said to be as comfortable to wear as the M3X or 2 X. Indeed the good work of ACEBEAM is to present us a model that includes two 26650 batteries and that apparent use 18650. It is also noteworthy that despite the cargo Bay, the difference in length is minimum.

User Interface

The user interface is quite simple. By pressing normal access memorized mode, and holding climbed mode. Double-tap quick access mode turbo. Since shutdown if we keep pressed access under, and with double-tap to the strobe mode. The flashlight has lock and also warns of approaching cutting through light intensity decreases.

As for load, charger is magnetic and has two led that generic lipitor ingredients indicate if the flashlight is loading or is already loaded.

Regulation, Runtime, Launch, Power And Thermal Management

In terms of power and distribution of modes, say that values in my area are very similar to those specified with the brand, something over, instead by the way what happened to me with the K70. As modes if are distributed I consider it quite successful.

In order to analyze the regulation presents a graphical modes turbo, high and medium. The turbo in a matter of the T30 makes a step by passing the 1, 30´(justo después el dato Ansi-Nema). So far I understand it, but what find me curious is what I see often on many models lately, and is that instead of lowering the high mode, lowers to a zone located between high and medium and it is not by temperature. Seen this, tell that really powerful mode is the high mode, which is going to give a figure close to the 1300 lumens, during all the runtime without also a worrisome temperature without refrigeration.

On the other hand, proceed to compare the two highest modes of the T30 with M3X Javelot u X 2 Shooter. Only M3X falls short in power until the Step, then low far from the T30 and despite the possible energy savings, nothing can be done against the 2 * 26650 the T30 in terms of Runtime. The X 2 is a wild, and flashlight of the 3 is the only one that I found myself forced to switch on the ventilation due to the temperature reached. Personally I see two points clearly in favor of the T30, the runtime through the 2 * 26650 in Exchange for a thickness that is not detectable in the hand, and thought well of high mode, which still located underneath the X 2, is the perfect place for headlight not hot a lot. Below are comparative graphs and some the same zoom.

Finally I have measured the release of it. My criteria is to adapt measure distance to the calibration of the data provided by Mark legit. It is very possible that simply measuring more distance from what I’ve measured and ignoring the modification of the calibration distance reading is greater.


Then I present the different shots of projections in a video which also includes videos with flashlight. In this case camera collects worse than in more inundadores models features of the projection of the flashlight. Towards the end there is an interesting with the M3X.

As the dye is the cool Acebeam, white but without going over. That if often contrasted with dedomados models or the domeless dyes. Below projections on leaves, and on the wall.

The following projections are in the Hall of the garage, which is short for all Lightsabers that occur, but is very interesting because it shows that in addition to being powerful in release, T30 floods relatively well in high mode. You can be seen by looking at the ground next to the tripod.

We passed to the projection outdoors, we will start with the screening ships around 230 metres. It is still a short distance, and the spot looks set to melt the walls of the nave, but it also serves to see flood halfway.

Finally there is the projection on a few buildings more than 700 metres (whose inhabitants had to remember to secure several of my ancestors, thank goodness that was far…)  . In relation to these outlets I did them in order to fully open and then replaced the objective on the other more scope to try to photograph buildings as closely as possible. The difficult there was focus on well… but I think that more or less the thing has gone right.


The conclusion is that we we have an excellent pitcher in terms of quality, power, runtime, etc… and the funny is that you go along a path in high mode and you have a progressive light in intensity from the feet far reaches the view. I would have named this flashlight T30R (for understandable example), and have released a T30L (for another example). Reducing the cost of the cargo bay and the internal battery pack, it would be very attractive and cover more niche markets, with both models of course fed by 26650 and keeping the current thickness. You can put all objections to this, but what cannot be denied is that it is an excellent flashlight, as sportingology says.

What I would like to add?, as for example in a MNT for SRK driver can raise or lower mode when I want to… Perhaps with rubber button it is more complicated, but it would be nice.