Retro T-shirts for Plus Size Ladies

Weekend arrived and we just want to know one thing: comfort! Is there anything better than enjoy the days of furloughs with a look well stripped, total relaxation, as for example a jeans and a T-shirt? This is an addiction fashion that we don’t open hand! Before the shirts were already considered basic in the female wardrobe item, today are necessary items for a stylish look. The famous “tees”, as it has been called, are so high that mark presence even when the costume requires a little more sophistication. Can you imagine a ballad composed by t-shirt + skirt with sequins, for example? Ready, a chic and unpretentious production, without effort. We love!!! And was futricando on Instagram we discovered a shop specializing in wholesale and retail fashion T-shirts, ladies T-shirts! It was love at first sight!

The ladies T-shirts is a trademark of Minas Gerais,, which was born by the will to enter into the market a fashion with fun and quality tees. The idea has always been to produce comfortable, stylish and parts that could be used in any season of the year, composing all kinds of looks. The t-shirts are super detached, colorful, patterned liiindas, differentiated, and the price melhor…com muyyy friend! The ladies wear tie-dye techniques and deep-dye, leaving parts in accordance with the latest fashion trends, without forgetting the quality of the product. The success has been so great that the company decided to expand its business and today offers the t-shirts in wholesale and retail. Is a super tip for retailers who want to invest in a new brand, new products, and also for those people who want to earn a little extra money. We’re sure will be a success! We’ve got several tees (purchases can be made by the Blog , Facebook or Instagram) and received the parts at home very quickly, with all the security that the virtual sale should offer. So we made a point to bring this palpitinho fashion for you!