Researchers Will Find the Perfect Selfie Formula

As many clicks and long dwell on images on social networking sites are not rocket science: PhD student Aditya Khosla of the renowned Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) has in a study developed a method which can – predict the popularity of an image with surprising results.

The good news for all Selfie makers: People like to see images of other people – preferably with bare skin. The positive factors in image content include Bras, bikinis and mini skirts. In addition to light clothing shows the study but also revolver and cups at the most popular image content. Animals such as pandas, ladybug and lamas, but also basketballs and snow ploughs bring an average value. Spatula, Pablo and laptops deterrent, however. For the study, Khosla and his team evaluated 2.3 million generic lipitor update images on the Flickr network. In addition to the image content, also the color is an important factor: statistically the best get shades such as pink, green, purple and red.

Social Networking An Important Factor

However, the right photo alone is not everything, because being embedded in the network will help the success or failure of a snapshot noticeably on the jumps: the image you have followers, 2000 is accordingly more commonly seen and shared. Have not, help the tags that frequent users through search queries encounter your snapshots. A pink bikini picture on an account with many followers, from light green background, so would the perfect online image – at least statistically speaking. More tips for more likes on Instagram can be found here.