Qualcomm Toq Smartwatch

Earlier, we wrote about the need to watch the Sony Smartwatch 2 . We did not have to wait too long and the other competition itself known. It proves to us that just emerging new market for smart watches (Smartwatch) is an interesting floor for many global manufacturers. For several years, thus very likely to become smart watch part of everyday life. Come see what comes Qualcomm – certainly in the case of watches Qualcomm Toq this is no sharpener.

At first glance, took us display, which Qualcomm Toq smart watch feature.This is a 1.55-inch jewel of technology Mirasol Qualcomm and very confidently asserts that its screen is quite readable even in strong direct sunlight. This is certainly a feature on smart watches SmartWatch more than appropriate and important. Otherwise it would be very difficult to apply. To make matters worse happen, Qualcomm Toq smart watch will last from his miniature batteries to power up the display for several days without recharging. Watches communicate with the phone (with Android OS version 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwitch) in your pocket through a Bluetooth wireless interface. The interconnection can show notifications for incoming messages and calls, notifications of calendar events, etc. to control the music player. It is all very convenient, because you do not often hunt after phone pocket. Included Qualcomm Toq smart watch is also a wireless charger wireless charger WiPower LE – again it is a trend of modern technology that is coming now. Wireless charger already offered as an accessory to its facilities to a wide range of manufacturers. In the future will certainly be a good standard.

And now, finally, what you probably most interested in. How much it costs and where to start selling in our country.Manufacturer officially announced the release date of December 2 and the price for a set of watches with wireless charger to 349 USD. We will, of course, as always, the price considerably higher and the availability date of the later of knowledge – that’s for sure, and not us, it is not surprising. Perhaps you manage smart watches ordered directly from China (read my article about how and where to order securely electronics from China ) – Qualcomm has already begun taking pre-orders and the interest is apparently great.