The Arshiner Xt001a Is A Mini Quadrocopter With Integrated Rollbar. We Have Tested The Mini-Drone And Guess Why The Quadrocopter Provides The Perfect Entry Into The World Of Drones And Multicopter.

Delivery And Packing

The Arshiner XT001A is currently available at the Amazon online store and costs only 40.99 to 45.99 euros (RRP: 69.99 euros). The order as well as delivery through Amazon is accustomed comfortable and fast. The square cardboard box is robust and a transparent field of vision already indicates the contents of the quadrocopter.Accessories and other material are located under the double bottom inside. Ultimately, the packaging of the Arshiner XT001A makes a solid and unspectacular impression. Nevertheless, the Mini-Quadrocopter is a perfect gift – whether for young or old.

The  Arshiner XT001A comes with Quadrocopter with pre-mounted override, USB charger, battery, propeller (4x) and spare propeller (4x) and remote control. The latter requires six AA batteries, which are not included in the scope of delivery and should be purchased separately. The manufacturer also provides an illustrated operating manual, but only in English or Chinese.

With Overshoot: Arshiner XT001A Mini-Quadcopter

Great advantage of the Mini-Quadrocopter Arshiner XT001A against other models: the included propeller protection. This Mini-Quadrocopter is not a conventional propeller guards (“Prop Guards”), but a completely pre-assembled overrunning bow. At first sight, the Arshiner XT001A’s pre-mounted overrunning bar is somewhat bulky. But the patented system fulfills its purpose and has been convincing in our praxistest. Because the system protects thanks to a special design not only in horizontal but also in vertical collisions. The quite high-quality roll-over bar is comparatively elastic, so you can go-especially in interior rooms-with the Mini-Quadrocopter on the whole. Crashes and enemy contacts with walls, chairs or ceilings, the Arshiner XT001A hurts effortlessly.Correspondingly rarely are crashes, broken engines or demolished propellers. The special design minimizes the forces that are applied and protects not only propellers, but also the housing of the quadrocopter. We feel the override as an ingenious solution and can recommend the mini-quadrocopter especially to younger pilots and beginners pilots. By the way: If you want, you can remove the override without effort-all parts are only connected by relatively tight plug connections.

Caution When Inserting The Battery

While the Quadrocopter is positively noticed by a great roll-over bar, the insertion of the battery is rather problematic. On the one hand the Akkufach is comparatively tight, on the other hand the plug-in connection between battery and Quadrocopter needs properly power. If you want to release the plug connection, you have to be extremely careful not to tear off the very thin cables. Here other connections or special tools would have been recommended.

However, the Arshiner XT001A was only able to make up for the slight slight anger when inserting and removing the battery. The Quadrocopter responds quickly and accurately to remote control commands. Of course, a little practice is also necessary, since the Arshiner XT001A – like most quadrocopters of its price class-does not have GPS or ultrasonic sensors for stabilization. With the integrated gyroscope, the Arshiner Quadrocopter is nevertheless comparatively flight stable, even if the pilot always has to counteract with remote control commands.In addition, the Arshiner XT001A is relatively wind-resistant, which, however, is in the nature of the matter and is also the case with other quadrocopters of its weight and size class. The flight time of our test equipment at about eight to nine minutes, which is clearly above the manufacturer’s indication and in view of the rather small-sized battery as an extremely laudable result is to be seen. The small LED eyes of the Arshiner XT001A shine in a quite bright blue and give a pretty pretty impression.

Conclusion And Recommendation

The Arshiner XT001A does not do much better than other Quadrocopters. Despite this, the flying little kid shakes an ace out of the sleeve and can assert itself against most of his competitors by means of the ingeniously thought-out and extremely robust roll-over bar. Visually, the mini-drone is quite unspectacular compared to the  Jamara Skip 3D. If you are looking for a cheap quadrocopter and want to get into the world of flying robots, the Arshiner XT001A is very well advised. Overbrakes and/or propeller protection, simple operation and an above-average long flight time are reasons to get the winzling as an entry into the world of the drones and multicopter.