Pwn2Own Participants Have Yet to Break Chrome

In February, Google announced a significant incentive for the participants of the Pwn2Own hacking contest, which takes place at the CanSecWest conference. It is in this contest participants must discover and use a flaw in the browser of your choice to win the computer on which it is installed, along with a few greenbacks. For anyone who could hack Chrome and your homonônimo system, however, the premium would be higher: $ 20,000 plus a Cr-48 Chrome OS running. But no one took the money yet.

The main reason why the jackpot remains intact is very simple: no one tried. Only two participants signed up to try to break the security of Chrome. The first was a hacker named Moatz Khader and the second was an anonymous group of Team Anon name. Khader did not show up on time for your demonstration and Team Anon decided they would focus on the BlackBerry system vulnerabilities.


Meanwhile, Safari 5.0.4 and Internet Explorer 8 have been hacked as usual, and on the first day of the conference, which began yesterday. The browser Apple was won by a French security firm VUPEN and call Microsoft’s browser had broken his protection by the American researcher Stephen Fewer. According to the agenda, Firefox 3.6 should also fall this week, but no one seems to want to go after Google browser.