Product Review: Samsung S8500 Wave – Part 1

The view into the main menu…
After I have the Samsung GT-S8500 Wave last week already textually unpacked , I could now take the smartphone a bit more under the magnifying glass. I am still impressed by the Super AMOLED display, which is in the 116 grams lightweight Samsung mobile phone. With a full 480 x 800 pixels, the Wave can almost keep up with the new iPhone 4, which I have not yet got into the fingers. But we stay with the Wave: If you switch the good piece, you are directly welcomed by a homepage, which at the bottom-as known from the iPhone-a kind of dock with three symbols. 


These are usually assigned with the telephone function called keypad, the address book and a message symbol.
The rest of the beautiful display is occupied by a background image and a Google widget, where you can find a search field, a map button and a mail button. The execution of one of the three functions ends up in the browser of the Bada phone, a separate Google Maps app is not preinstalled on the device. This is not a problem, however, since the mobile web kit browser knows how to deal with Google Maps and even works with the current location in the browser. There is not much to see from other applications. If you browse a page by fingerwipe, one finds there for example a calendar widget. The “Widget” button in the upper left corner of the screen allows you to add more widgets, such as quick access to contacts via photo or Twitter updates. The whole thing works extremely fluently and is really very useful.

If you look around a bit, you find in some forums first own developed widgets , which for example add RSS functionality in widget form.

But the widgets are of course not everything: By clicking on the home button one comes to the actual main menu of the Samsung Wave. This reminds of the design and design already a little to the iPhone, where you have taken a good measure. However, the whole thing is not so completely copied: Even if the applications at the wave or Bada operating system also moved by finger wiping and so navigate through different program pages, the Samsung software developers placed despite the high resolution fewer buttons on the home-Screen: Instead of five times four as with the iPhone you can find only five times three on the large wave display, that is, up to 15 program symbols. As with the iPhone, the lower row, almost the dock, also remain navigated, so that you always have access to those applications placed there.

Games and more

Even if it looks like a whole lot at first sight, it should not be forgotten that many functions are duplicated. For example, you can use your own files or “SmartSearch” to call up those files, which can also be accessed via the Media, music or video player button. Likewise, behind the social hub button, there is just another hidden link to social and news services such as SMS, email and Twitter.

Teaser commercial from Samsung to the S8500 Wave.

While I through the menu “swipe”, I immediately notice how well and fast the whole system works. Obviously the combination of Samsung’s new Bada-OS and the 1 gigahertz fast processor seems to work great. Nothing hakelt, the touch screen works surprisingly exactly and thereby the whole looks very well. On the first few meters, the Samsung GT-S8500 Wavesurprises me more and more because, contrary to my real expectations at first glance, it can convince with a good usability and a very good speed. But not only that, but above all the sum of the quality of the individual functions makes a good smartphone. And how well the individual applications are really, you will learn in the coming second part of this review!