Product Review: Iphone 4-Part 2

A personal experience report…
Reception and talking quality: The iPhone 4 was and is not undisputed in terms of reception, thanks to the phenomenon known as Antennagate, it can very well come to talks.However, this problem is becoming more and more relativistic: the GSM network quality in the Cleaned States can not be compared with the local ones-in Germany the networks are more stable and powerful. This is why the problem was first and foremost in the states.
The current “solution” from Apple (free bumper or cover for all iPhone buyers by the end of September) is certainly not the wisdom of the end, but at least temporarily as customer-oriented. By the way, for iPhone buyers after the 30th September there is still the hope of a free case, for this O-Ton Apple (source: Apple website ): “Also apply to all iPhone 4 devices, after 30 September 2010 Were sold back to our regular return policy. Users who are experiencing problems with the antenna, please call AppleCare to get a free charge. “ The long-term fix will certainly have to look a little different, but for this reason alone, the iPhone is not absolute nonsense. I personally have with the iPhone 4 a much better reception than with the iPhone 3G and 3GS and even in critical situations, the conversations do not tear as fast as with other, comparable smartphones.

The conversation quality is by the way very good, whether in the overloaded city network or in the country: Here the iPhone can convince. There is also a second microphone next to the headphone socket, which eliminates ambient noise during the conversation. However, I could not see any direct benefit from this, but my conversation partners might already.

Five megapixels are nowadays not particularly worth mentioning, where now already two-digit megapixel numbers are found in the feature lists of the camera manufacturers.Although smartphones with said five megapixels still make a good figure, if this value is not the top of the current development. The image quality of the iPhone 4 is absolutely satisfactory in this regard, Apple seems to be more important to provide a proper software for the sensor, than just megapixel to flaunt. One more reason why the pictures of the iPhone 4 are really good. Other smartphones are far behind in this area. In poor light conditions, the camera of the iPhone 4 does not work wonders, it shares this fate with cheap Digicams and other smartphones. Just as critical: the LED light. With these, you can perhaps in macro shooting the environment a bit brighten, but really succeeded the solution is not. For better results, a xenon flash would be required, as usual with other smartphones quite common.Great as always is the touch focus-just tap the desired object in the viewfinder and zack it is focused. If you want to get closer to the object, you can also use digital zoom. However, it should be noted that such projects fail as always at the interpolation (enlargement of the pixels). Therefore this is a feature that I do not use myself.

Dazzling is the new video feature of the iPhone 4: 720p resolution and 30 frames per second are guaranties for a good recording. So far, there was only one VGA camera with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. The video quality pleases, a Flipcam with HD already has no chance to resist the iPhone. The HD video function of a compact digital camera does not convince much more. Understandably, however, the SLR flag ships still play in a different league thanks to FullHD and a great depth of field. Still, just succeeded and awesome, the new photo and video capabilities in iPhone 4.

Videotelefonie on the phone has been around for a long time, but this function was not really used so far. The usual reasons: Image quality does not fit, why use, costs money! Factime is currently Apple’s attempt to reinterpret the topic: Currently only over WLAN (with a UMTS-WLAN router now mobile) but nevertheless path-breaking simple and with a fantastic picture and sound quality. Why Facetime now better for me than the previous UMTS video telephony, is rational to be difficult to explain. Maybe it’s just the simple way Apple has implemented AppTime. What more could you want? Of course the user uses for Videotelefonie on the iPhone 4, first the front camera in VGA quality, which provides sufficient pictures. But the appeal of Facetime is also that you can also use the main camera for this-simply switch at the push of a button and the conversation partner gets a picture of the environment. With the introduction of the new iPod touch, the number of Apple’s FaceTime devices was also doubled;-). A future and official expansion of the technology is also conceivable with regard to use in the 3G network, the (American) mobile radio providers alone have to optimize their network.

Performance and Battery Life
With the A4 chip and the iOS 4.x the iPhone is fast, the comparison with the processors from the Google Nexus One needs no one here. The applications start fast, the change in multitasking is fast and the loading times of apps and webbrowser are fast and fast: On the whole front an improvement. The network technology also contributes to it: WLAN according to n-standard, HSPA with 7.2 Mbps down and up to 5.7 Mbps up are the state of affairs.Speaking of these, I reach even partial speeds in the o2 network. Net data rates of 5 Mbit/s down and more than 2 Mbit/s up are therefore feasible.

The increased performance does not affect the battery life. Of course, I still have to charge the iPhone in the evening, so I can use it all day on the following day. But while the old iPhone already showed at 6:00 pm first battery power, the iPhone 4 does not let me down and I can still work for a few hours or telephone. This is why there is a thumbs up for the chapter Performance and Battery Life.

Is buying an iPhone 4? Yes! Is the iPhone 4 ahead of the competition? Yes! Thanks to the very good display, FaceTime and the apps I use daily, the purchase has paid off for me long ago.As a bonus you get the wonderful design and the high-quality workmanship: A perfect purchase decision!