Product Review: Blackberry Pearl 8110

The compact version of blackberry
Blackberry . RIM. Push e-mail. These terms elicit a lot of shudders from many e-mail-savvy people, because they have nothing better than to have all their emails, contacts, appointments and notes with them. The Blackberry Pearl was the first step in the Canadian company “Research in Motion”, or RIM, in the consumer market. 


A camera held in the blackberry intake, an MP3 player with expandable memory and the trackball, which gave the pearl the name and replaced the sensational scroll wheel on the side of the previous Blackberrys. The e-mail and office functionality remained, which is still unrivaled even in today’s smartphone time. In the meantime, RIM has already been launched with touch screens, but the basic functions are the same as with the Pearl. So you can see the Pearl and the idea behind it also as the Urvater of the Storm. As mentioned, the Pearl is now available in the third generation.I have the so-called second generation, the Pearl 8110, in the test, because I can start with GPS more than with WLAN, especially if this is still without Voice over IP or SIP capability.

Processing and design
Even if the Blackberry Pearl is no longer the latest, it is in my opinion still one of the most beautiful phones of RIM. The size is handy and unlike the full keyboard models like the 8310 absolutely hosentaschaugauglich. The processing of the housing is typical RIM typical absolutely super, here wobbles nothing. Even if you drop the Blackberry times, at most the Akkudeckel, but not more. Even if you transport the Pearl in the front pocket of the jeans, nothing happens, there is no creaking, no wobbling and no warping. The finish of the Pearl is in the variant of Vodafone in titanium-colored piano lacquer, only the sides of the 8110 are chrome-plated. Fingerprints can be found quickly on the mobile phone due to the shiny finish, also reflects the pH of the face in the display after a telephone call. This is in the case of today’s mobile phones but unfortunately more as a feature than as a bug to look at, so you must now also relatively relaxed about it. And, this is very important, the finish does not look so messy after a few finger taps, as the one day used iPhone (especially the black model). The dimensions of the Blackberry are 107×50×14.5 mm, the weight including battery is only 89.5 g.

The display has a resolution of 240 x 260 pixels and displays 65,000 colors. The “comic” resolution comes from the elongated design and the fact that “at that time” displays of the size 320 x 240 pixels were still not necessarily standard. Nevertheless, the display is pleasant to read, the missing missing pixels one does not necessarily, if one does not compare the Pearl directly with the latest version of the Blackberrys. The brightness of the display is high enough to read e-mails even in bright sunshine. A brightness sensor controls luminance and keyboard lighting to save power.

Keyboard and Trackball
One of the biggest conversions for old-time Blackberry users is the keyboard, which corresponds to the so-called SureType. The SureType system was already available in Blackberrys before the Pearl in the 7XXX series, but this was never a volume model. The SureType system allows RIM to integrate a full-sized keyboard into such a narrow device as the Pearl. This is only because each button is occupied two or three times. How it works? For example, Eg, to write the English word “Cat”, press the CV key, then AS and then TY. The blackberry then displays a selection of the possible words, the corresponding one can be selected by means of trackball. Sounds more complicated than it is, especially since the dictionary is capable of learning. On the one hand, all the names of the address book are recorded in the dictionary, on the other hand, words in e-mails can automatically be transferred to the Pearl dictionary. Together with the extremely high hit rate of SureType, this results in a relatively secure typing feeling. It is just a kind of new T9, which we also had to learn painstakingly. Therefore my tip: Not after 5 minutes everything frustrated, but a little patience bring, then folds already. Personally, the SureType system has already held off the purchase of a Pearl, but I’ve tried it and am thrilled. However, I currently still need about 30 to 40 percent more time than normal to write an e-mail or SMS, but that will surely soon. The trackball is now also standard in other smartphones and the control is extremely good, fast I rarely move through my e-mails.

As far as the first impression of the Blackberry, in part two I then come to the core of each Blackberry-the push e-mail function. Also mentioned are his multimedia skills and his organizer’s talent.