Problems During Pregnancy Period

If the birth is no longer remote, especially the belly has grown apart from the anticipation of the baby. And that brings unexpected problems…

When line Severinsen is pregnant for the first time, she makes experiences on which she so previously prepared none. Especially her growing belly volume makes to create her properly. When all the obstacles there facing her in the way that she can find the unfamiliar situations also something good. You begin to outline their problems and arguably any pregnant woman in true pictures. And you could be hardly amusing.

Physical complaints

The body of a hochschwangeren woman is a single challenge for the woman herself. The simplest things, such as, for example, the shoe tightening, demand a suddenly sporting excellence. We want to not only start from the body waxing…

Emotional hurdles

Emotionally the pregnant woman is different from her unschwangeren Alterego enormously. Comments border on their scope of lèse-majesté and touch may anyway not more than the love her belly. Their pregnancy cravings are to suffer, a list of people who can’t stand them on death outgrows the name lookup for the next generation and documentation of births cause in their howling cramps.

Relationship problems

The belly and the partnership is not always beneficial. The sporting man trains to jointly and severally a belly himself to his wife and in bed, he’s afraid he might harm a baby permanently.

Maybe the images at are an or elsewhere overstated represented, they hit the core of the statement but still very entertaining way. Who wants to see more of line Severinsen and read can go to