Pretty Smart Phone

Long it was announced, now it’s also in Germany to have: with the tungsten W Palm ventured for the first time in the snake pit mobile market. 

The cell phone in one hand, the Palm in the other-and where with the digicam, the coffee cup and the laser pointer? A smart phone but not all your problems-reduced but at least the number of devices you need to lug around and balance.

That thought also Palm and developed a PDA, which offers both: the full functionality of a Palm-based PDAs and all important in a business environment features of a mobile phone including fast data transmission via GPRS.

A pity that the device “thanks to” the heavily delayed launch significantly behind the current PDA standard lags.

Facilities: A Gear Down

Even if the W in the name of the tungsten W probably means wireless – wireless is not on the list of equipment of the new palms.

122 x 78 x 16 mm-so not part of the new tungsten while the Twiggys of the industry, but is part of the pleasant; with 181 grams weight, however fightet of the W in the Pocket PC class. The installed hardware Palm reveals more conservative: the W a Dragonball VZ anticipates just sloppy 33 MHz, and accordingly only Palm OS 4.1.2 running on the device. It is available in 16 MB RAM (14.8 MByte available) some space for programs and data available. The display dissolves pleasant 320 x 320 pixels and displays 65,000 colors – unfortunately only in TFT and not the lighter Transflective technology.

The tungsten offers also a SMS client as well as ICQ the whole bandwidth of the Organizer programs such as Kalnede, addresses and notes also mail-client, Web – and WAP-browser. In addition, Palm delivers all kinds of business tools, as well as the telephone software.

Below the display, the user finds no graffiti area but a hardware keyboard. For the spoken language Palm, however, supplies a headset-so harmoniously, as Palm W rather thought the tungsten for data services as for voice telephony. The device can spark as a tri-band model in the German as well as for example in American GSM networks and supports with GPRS class 10 data rates up to 43.6 kbit/s in the raw and 26.8 Kbps in the upstream.

Practice: Sounds Goood!

Palm wants to be understood primarily the tungsten W as a tool for data transfer – just to make calls but with him is fun.

Sure, there are leaner and especially many lighter PDAs based on Palm OS-but can not wait to just also a GSM/GPRS module. Also the tungsten W is well in hand, also the thick antenna stub doesn’t really bother–finally he will hook itself thanks to its rounded forms in the lining of the jacket.

33 MHz-so that the user can live and work, but he should never compare his PDA with the more recent Palm machines of colleagues, providing up to 400 MHz.Correspondingly weak are also the benchmarks: the 140 points in the speedy 2.4 the Tungsten C don’t look good next to 5556 points, bringing the currently most powerful Palm OS device. But the tungsten W is made just for the PDA and mobile phone-essentials and not as mobile video player. And still it is enough for everyday. In the test, the tungsten W held around seven and a half hours (Office work plus mobile stand-by).

Pleasant: The telephone software including managing SIM card and GPRS Monitor is very clearly made and easy to use. The cell phone features rather targeting business customers–you find colorful gadgets and funny polyphonic ringtone Michael. But in combination with palms PDA power develop the basic functions of a mobile phone to the powerful tool for Palm PDA and phone features has meshed well.

Granted, for many Palm fans the waiver on the graffiti area is likely coming a sacrilege. But first, this ‘flaw’ can be pay off with all sorts of tools from the Internet.And secondly, leaves nothing to be desired the keyboard: clear and precise at the ready, clearly laid out in the design. You will seldom mistype after some acclimatization, as for the buttons work to accurately.

Image and sound
Although all current competitors have the significantly lighter and highlight Transflective Display, but the TFT display illuminated in the background of the tungsten W has grown almost all light situations.

In the conversation, both parties sound strong and balanced. A finely graded volume control make sure that to save both your ear drums and the vocal chords on the other end of the line.

Conclusion: With The Palm Phone

With the tungsten W a compelling business tool has been successful Palm-also when leaving its equipment behind the newer models.

Finally one is no longer the latest craze in the world of the Palm OS 33 MHz lame CPU, and we thought Palm OS 4.1 disappeared in the sinking. These small Equipment defects but are acceptable. Finally, W in the leaves with the tungsten Practice very good phone, coat of arms and webben, and PDA functions, palms first Smartphone offers business comfort.

The hardware keyboard may indeed provide faith discussions within the Palm community; but only one to do so remains impartially considered (and tested) to say: who needs no tailored plus size gloves, will soon well clearly come with the typing. And who doesn’t like it can rely on pen input tools from the Internet or on the supplied with Graffiti 2-so that you can on the whole display.