Prada Campaign for The Autumn-Winter 2010 / 2011

Another campaign, this time of Prada. I don’t know to what extent the firm is going through a bad time because of the crisis, but the fact that beech clumps male and female collections within a same campaign makes me think that perhaps I’ve had to cut back on expenses.

The photographer responsible for giving life to the campaign for the Autumn-winter 2010 / 2011 It has been Steven Meisel, Although not finished I convince 100 percent result. The images are set in a music venue live with many couples kissing, although far from endearing or charming view, it seems to me to be rather boring.

The low light and little naturalness of style are not consistent with the spirit of the collection. The line of accessories (both bags and sunglasses and prescription) maintain the aesthetics of the rest, showing even less naturally.

It isn’t to cloying kisses of couples in love, but I think that the sober aesthetics of the female both men for next winter collection does not combine well with what it has tried to convey the photographer. In the gallery you have the campaign in full. Do you think you?

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