Practicality and Elegance

Despite being a great space use, in General, the bathroom is not very privileged in plants of the houses and apartments. Check out four intelligent and beautiful solutions to this environment and enjoy every tip!

Otal Relaxation In 2.6 M².

The small space hasn’t diminished the grace of this bathroom. Seemingly simple compositions were joined, and the result was a relaxed and informal air. The predominant white in the project was essential to give the feel of wider.

To escape the monotony, one of the walls was totally covered with glass inserts 2 x 2 cm on the red, Orange and yellow colors. Round mirrors of different diameters and stickers of hearts were arranged on the wall on the formica textured white, suggested by For a touch more jovial, a chrome shower shaped flower.


Exploring a corner of the bathroom that ended in an angle of 45°, the architect Therry Choulov created this shelf for books and magazines, that he joined the box. The structure was with 60 cm wide and 45 cm deep (the deepest part). To give more support to the shelves, the option was for tempered glass with 10 mm thick. The bathroom area was then in a rectangle of 0.72 m ².Transparency was broken by the tablets range in gradient of gray, which merges in white porcelain.

For Adults And Children

The little Cuba is the highlight in this environment signed by Vânia Bassi. The interior designer designed the bathroom for children with different levels on the counter. For small, the smallest has 70 cm high-the-bench 60 cm 10 cm more of the floor sink. The largest, in perfect time for adults, 90 cm high. In addition, the architect took care to steps of 15 cm, ensuring safe access to the small tub of 70 x 125 cm. The mosaic of pets gives a more fun atmosphere to space and the glass-bubble gum refer to a visual wet. The walls of porcelain stoneware won more movement with shades of larger pads.

Touch Of Pink

The 3.10 m ² of this bathroom were enough to fill the space that a woman needs. The secret here is to use furniture with straight lines and newspaper clippings on the wall to enjoy the space. White was more of a gamble in the amplitude, appearing in glazed porcelain tile from the floor and the wall and on the Workbench marmoglass (63 x 77 cm). The woman’s touch was given by the glass roses pads strokes throughout the project.