Portal iG Offers Unlimited Data Backup

No one likes to lose your computer files. Are usually years of documents, photos and music, among other things stored. To prevent your customers are on hand because of a defective hard disk or a similar situation, the portal iG starts offering a backup whose storage space is infinite.

Gone is the time when iG was the ISP dial-up. The portal has a huge range of services, which now count iG Backup Residential. There is no maximum area of taxation which the subscriber can take with your cpu your most important files. Once configured, the portal will keep a copy of security of what you want.

This service is only possible because iG has partnered with McAfee, traditional manufacturer of security solutions that recently was acquired by Intel – the deal was completed this week, inclusive. But the application for backup, it seems, is provided by Mozy. This company is a provider of traditional backup services, making competition with Dropbox and my dearest SugarSync.

But this “unlimited” is unlimited it? I joined the iG Backup site to remove this doubt. From what I read, it is unlimited, yes, because I found asterisks to the contrary. But the portal makes it clear that it should not be used to back up all computer files, including folders and system resources. “It is not designed to back up the operating system and application files. If you need to restore these types of files, it is easier and more reliable to restore them using your original CDs.”

Not everything is free, and iG know very well. IG Backup Residential costs R $ 19.90 per month – R $ 11.90 for the first 3 months. It is an interesting price for unlimited backup, even after learning that the UOL charges R $ 24.90 for a backup just 10GB.