Plush Sweet Dreams of NICI You Will Love Going to Sleep!

At home we are very of stuffed animals. I have a giant Teddy bear in my bed and another on my bedside table with a picture of my first newborn child. He is now 8 years old and still adoring Teddies. Each year in the letter of the three wise men are asked to stuffed animals. There are plush toys and stuffed animals right? The best are those of NICI and I tell you that every year I’m going to the International Toy Fair of Nuremberg, where there is an entire hall dedicated to them. It’s like be dreaming when you walk around there. If you like as much as my understand it. And I say that the NICI are the best because in addition to adorable, they are so soft!All her characters also have own stories that already you have been counting on this blog of toys. Now they have launched their new and wonderful collection sweet dreams. It is available in Spain from September 2016. They are plush top in the whole world and in our country are also highly sought after. In a few days I will get around 4 of them for all of your children but now I need that you read carefully everything that I tell you, because this information will be for the next draw.

The sweet dreams of NICI collection has been created in collaboration with Aprilkind. The four protagonists have soft teddy NICI and their hats and pyjamas are made with the highest quality fabric so you can join your children in bed. Do you know that there is a study that indicates that children prefer stuffed animals with animal? Therefore the sweet dreams collection consists of Wulli, Hoby Bunny, Teddy bear Tommsy sheep and cat Kimsi. You have them in two sizes of 38 cm and 22 cm.

What is characteristic of the four characters in the collection sweet dreams of NICI is that they are stuffed animals, very tender, which help children to go to bed making that moment of the day a positive experience. I tell you how: both the sheep Wulli, as Bunny Hoby, the Tommsy bear and cat Kimsi have a Pocket is your Pajama. Before going to sleep, kids can draw that with what you like to dream. This drawing is inserted inside the pocket of the sweet dreams pajamas.

Then it is time to close the eyes, ours and those of our Teddy. Lowering the flap of the reversible Beanie that all children wear they may do so. Sweet dreams falls asleep instantly, and I assure you that it is so nice and soft to giving just want to embrace you strong and go to sleep with him. They are very achuchables Teddies designed to facilitate children is falling asleep. And they are ideal to travel because you can make the drawing both at home and outside.

Who do not would direct their dreams? Sweet dreams promotes creativity in kids, love and peace. Who do you love?