Plus Size Swimwear for All Figure Types

The swimming season is opened and sexy bikinis and flattering swimsuits are in line. As you correctly set your curve scene while great look-to the tips and tricks I’ll be right there. There are a number of beautiful Swimwear Trends 2015 for chubby figure types. The best: The new swimwear for larger sizes you can order online!

I’ll show you which refined Oversize Swimsuit or Bikini models flatter your curves and features let you on the beach, lake or swimming pool shine. It is important to underline the individual type of curves. Original and exclusive swimwear collection large sizes there are for example at navabi. For every figure there is the right XXL models, with slimming effect.

Both plus-size model Robyn Lawley, and Ashley Graham ensure beautiful, aesthetic images, set the female curves perfectly.Ashley Graham was recently the first Plus Size Top Model in, Sports Illustrated ‘-what a positive message for all chubby women.

For each figure, there is an advantageous swimwear model. Along the lines of: How to get a bikini body? By simply attracts a bikini. You dare!


In bikini belly is almost always emphasized-almost. Currently are totally hip retro bikini with high-cut waist brief.Unwanted love handles on the cuffs ruckzuck belong to the past.

If you want to show no belly tankinis and bathing Shirts conceal beautiful. They are available with many different necklines and chest areas, for example, to push. The Slip for Tankini you can fit to your leg shape Select:


When you put your legs than to strongly feel about, you make models with high-cut legs wear. Because these extend your legs look and let them act narrower.
If you still want to show not too much of it and already have long legs, even Panties can act advantageously.
Swimsuits and bikinis with small skirts are also advantageous. They conceal buttocks and hips and moving to the thighs.


Wrap is not only hip and a real eye-catcher, but conjures you a sexy hourglass figure. Other details that are beneficial in swimwear for large sizes:

  • Asymmetrical cuts seem flattering at Plus Size Ladies.
    • Transparent games look very verführererisch and attract the attention of your problem zones away.
    • Swimsuits with reinforced areas can your character shapes advantageous.


The classic swimsuit in black looks classy, ​​elegant and stylish. Black is the mother of lean and laminated skillfully any excess fat. The model in the picture is just beautiful and high quality with a carrier (of additionelle).


Swimwear in XXL is not only elegant, but also colorful and colorful. In particular, still ethno, Aztek-, Leo and digital prints are all the rage, but also many floral prints, which provide joy.

In the chest area-you’re at one piece or two pieces – the same is true in fact as in BH and everyday clothing:

  • V-necklines stretch your torso and make slimmer.
    • Padded models can conjure up your chest bigger and get in shape.In addition, they are also in the wet state usually not transparent.
    • The other way around you can also be models with Minimizer effect attack.
    • Always ensure that support and the closure in the back are wide enough. Anything cuts is not only uncomfortable, but also contributes to unnecessary.

By the way: Under the hashtag #Fatkini you can find on Instagram and Twitter many encouraging and inspiring images of other Plus Size Ladies who are at your bikini figure.

“Celebrate your body”-this is the message of Loey Lane: She stands on her body, she says, he was doing it out. She is sexy, has self-confidence and loves her body as it is. And to other women with curves! Here she shows herself and her positive body image ( “body positivity”) in a variety of bikini models for large sizes: