Play Your Favorite PC Games on Windows Phone

It may sound too good to be true, but now you can play PC games on your Windows Phone.

Do you dream of being able to continue your big heavy PC games when you’re on the go? KinoConsole claims to be just that, by means of streaming.

Games like Skyrim, Diablo III, the Sims, Civilization V and X-COM: Enemy Unknown, is now available for Windows Phone this application KinoConsole, that streams games from your PC to your Windows Phone.

You can control the games via the touch screen, with a virtual on-screen joystick or tilt and turn the phone on.

The most popular generic vs lipitor games have standard layout for navigation and management, but users can even customize the buttons and control methods.

In order to play must be on PC’ a be installed Kinoni Remote Server that streams the game out to the user’s phone, via application KinoConsole.

KinoConsole claims that the games can play in high definition with up to 60 images per second.

About KinoConsole works perfectly as intended, we have not yet tested, and in the preparation of this article, had KinoConsole not yet received ratings or reviews on

You can download KinoConsole from the Window Phone Big and Kinoni Remote Server from Kinonis website.