Places to Camp Near Sp

For those who live in the outskirts of São Paulo and are looking for a weekend adventure, these places are perfect for camping, hiking and a bit of tranquility. So just pick a date on the calendar, make your list of what to take to the camping and set foot on the road following campingShip!

Bonete Beach-Ilhabela

In Ilhabela, on the São Paulo coast, Bonete Beach is considered to be one of the most paradisiacal in Brazil. The trail to get to the peak is extensive and difficult. But its vast nature, waves and crystalline waters make the whole trip worthwhile. In addition, the place is full of small campsites and has an excellent infrastructure-hot water, kitchen, electric light and more.

Trindade And Praia Do Sono-Paraty

These are two of the best places to camp. Located in Paraty, Trindade and Praia do Sono are small beaches, extremely clean and with an exuberant beauty. There are several campsites by the sea, where you can enjoy the noise of the waves breaking while you sleep, as well as several hiking trails, waterfalls and natural swimming pools to enjoy during the day.

JurÉIa Ecological Reserve-Itatins

A more roots tour, because the Juréia is an ecological reserve, that is, total contact with nature. For those who enjoy trails, always be in the middle of the green and different tours like getting to know the mangroves, this is the place. During the night, the sky of Juréia is one of the biggest attractions of the place, it is completely illuminated by stars.


It is even difficult to think that there is a place with as much nature and as close to São Paulo as Brotas. Because it is so accessible to the residents of the big city, Brotas is a very touristy spot and has high-rise campsites. Their tours are also incredible, with many options for extreme sports and adventure-kayaking, rafting, zip-lining, among others.