Place In The Sun # 55: My Top 3 | Autumn Lipsticks

Time for a new top 3 blog parade. Let’s just stay with the theme of autumn! Last round it was already the most popular autumn nail polish and I was very happy about the many participants. The autumn is currently showing off its beautiful and sunny side, but you notice clearly the falling temperatures and as it gets darker in the evening. This blog parade I would like to dedicate thetop 3 autumn lipsticks and I am very excited about your favorites!

My Top 3 Autumn Lipsticks: Alverde 10 “Muskat Brown”

The first lipstick in my top 3 is also the latest in my collection: The Alverde “Muscat Brown” lipstick from the Alverde Oriental Bazaar LE is currently quite bewitched and at the latest since the Alverde Blogger event in August I wanted to have it absolutely. Brown lips are really hot this fall. The limited lipstick was therefore partly out of print quite quickly. It is a rather cool, grayish brown, not too warm. It has a great covering power and a slightly satin finish. Above all the durability convinced me, smaller meals and drinking he is quite good.

My Top 3 Autumn Lipsticks: Burberry No. 97 “Oxblood”

My Burberry lipsticks I had only recently introduced you. Especially Oxblood convinced me and fits in my opinion great in the autumn. A dark, violett-speckled red, the intensity of which can be built up well. It is creamy, can be super applied and maintains the lips very well.

My Top 3 Autumn Lipsticks: Color Pop Lippie Stix “LumiÈRe”

Also I am the color pop hype succumbed and showed you recently my Lippie Stix. Especially Lumière I find a great color for the autumn. A dark mauve tone with a matte finish. Qualitively convincing, unfortunately the order is a little complicated, because ColorPop does not deliver directly to Germany. Nevertheless I play with the idea of ​​another order.



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