[Place In The Sun # 5] My Top 3 Summer Nail Polish

[BLOGPARADE] Hello dear ones! The last two weeks were like flying and I was very happy about your active participation in the topic of summer blushes! The one or other Blush baby now stands on my wish list at the top  I believe particularly often the Benefit Coralista, the blush from the Essence Floral Grunge LE and Sleek rose gold called. If you won the competition of the last round, you will find further down the way. The theme for this round is once again the (more or less) summer and turns around your three favorite summer varnishes. If the summer is only sporadic, then we’ll have at least summer thoughts.  I’m curious if you like the theme just as well and which varnishes you choose in your top 3.

My Top 3 // Summer Nail Polish

Similar to the blushes, there are colors in my nail polish collection, which I find particularly suitable for the summer. I’m curious about whether it is the same way The decision I thought this time was not so easy, but in the end, the following varnishes got a place in the top 3. And this time is even-oh miracle!-not a single limited product.

In my top 3, apart from the two essie lacquers also one of p2. In color, I have selected three completely different paints. Peach/Orange I find super for the summer and Mint is the trend color anyway. But also a bright pink I think for the summer very nice on the nails.

The p2 Volume Gloss nail polish 070 “funky babe” has a great, glossy finish and comes in a bright pink. Here I had praised him as the perfect spring spike, but now I feel that he is also very good in summer

Now comes the Essie summer classics par excellence: Mint Candy Apple. I only took it for myself this year and meanwhile it belongs to my favorite Essie nail polish. Not for nothing I then him in the top 3 of my favorite Essie nail polishes elected.

Even Essie “Tart Deco” allowed me missing this summer in any case. A great color that lights up in real much more than in the photo. He unfortunately needs three layers to cover completely. For this one is rewarded with a beautiful color. In the pictures I find, by the way, very funny to see how my nail shape has changed. The straight nail shape I like at the moment much better than the round-filed.


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The  Catrice “I Got The Flower!” Blush from the Glamazona LE from the last round has, according to Random.org, by the way, won the 7th contest. Congratulations TiaMel.