Pink Sapphire for Pink October

Pink October, worldwide movement that emerged in 1990 in New York when the pink lace was released by the Foundation Susan g. Komen for the Cure and distributed to the participants of the first race for the cure of breast cancer, reaches the world so beautiful, elegant and feminine, motivating and uniting diverse peoples in around a noble cause : the combat and prevention of breast cancer. According to the World Health Organization (who), breast cancer is the type of cancer that affects more women around the world, with new cases and 458,000 1,380,000 deaths by the disease each year.

Who passes, already passed or have any family/friend with breast cancer know that this terrible disease move not only with the person’s health, but also with your your emotional self-esteem. Talent, hope and family support are essential for the patient and stimuli incentive throughout the treatment.

Every woman is beautiful, a precious jewel that deserves to be love, be loved and cared for. Home São Paulo selected some beautiful rings with Pink Sapphire to this October rose in tribute to beautiful warriors and all of us women, subject to breast cancer.

The enchanted garden ring is a jewel dedicated to feminine women and beautiful like a rose. This flower-shaped ring has a beautiful pink Sapphire 30 central points, and 20 more Points of Pink Sapphire and diamond studded points 8 around.

The Best Of Ring inspired by classic jewels with a beautiful heart shaped Pink Sapphire symbolizes the delicacy and the purity of the love of a woman.

The Famous Ring is a piece of jewelry with refinement and luxury, ideal to give a very special woman and loved.
This jewel extols the beauty of Pink Sapphire of 95 points, surrounded of 4 drop-shaped diamonds that add up to 32 points.
The junction of two diamonds in drop at the ends of the Sapphire, form a heart, which further highlights the love, the beauty and delicacy.

Ring flower of love exalts the beauty of flowers that reflect the feminine beauty.This jewel symbolizes love, happiness, renewal and hope. The flower of love has a pink Sapphire drop-shaped with 70 points and 25 points more brilliant studded detail.