Pieces of Silver in the Bag Sky

Speech is silver and silence is gold, this proverb says Yes, that silver has always just the second place, while the ultimate is always gold. That will change now but totally, because the silver bags in metallic-look win first place in the fashion bags-voting. What initially perhaps somewhat Spacey and everyday use is little, is at the second glance but quite versatile and can be used on all possible occasions. Silver can be combined excellently for almost all colors, and depending on the type of bag, it’s a perfect color for everyday use as well as for an evening event.
I love these shimmering bags, tote bags, crossover or tote. I want her love all, isn’t only unfortunately. But looking costs nothing and I will like to extensively and here is my loot:
Pioneer of the whole is this season definitely converse. The sporty canvas handbag shine in silver and in a variety of shapes and designs. The Flap Bag Vintage is a medium-sized shoulder bag, the most important things comfortably accommodate and the stylishly is given in each case. Then there’s still the fancy Starlight collection, which owes its name to the printed stars. Three sizes are available called flap bag, flap reporter and small pocket reporter Starlight.

MEXX has a beautiful copy for the next city trip for us. The metallic shopper definitely ensures the an or other envious glance on the streets.
Campomaggi jumps up on the silver train and spoiled us with a beautiful handcrafted clutch, which can be worn on the belt. Also from Campomaggi , there’s a Business casethat I absolutely must have, because it combines everything bag must have a stylish Silver metallic so really: place, style, glamour and quality. Last but not least, I want to introduce even the Explorer Tote Bag by fossil , who succeeded also in the shortlist. The silver fall can continue in any case, we agree on all of us.