Petzl Tikka Rxp Lantern: Lighting Like You’ve Never Seen

There are some technological innovations that not only add amenities and comfort, how much increase the efficiency of devices that seem so trivial as a flashlight.

We’re talking about the Flashlight head manufactured by Petzl Tikka model RXP, which is part of the line lighting Performance of this French brand.

The great innovation of this product is called Reactive Lighting, which allows the flashlight auto adjust your intensity according to the need, helping to reduce energy consumption and increasing battery life. In the image above we can see that the front of the Lantern has 4 lenses: a light sensor; a lighthouse, diffuse and horizontal distribution of light; a high beam, focused well directed and deep and a red light.
When you are reading a map, the light reflects on a map and returns to his eyes, returning also to the sensor that automatically reduces the intensity of illumination, as well as uses a more diffuse and soft lighting, making it easier to read. In this situation the intensity is on the order of 7 lumens. This mode is more than enough to find things inside the backpack, as well as any other task inside the tent.

When you raise your head and look to a more distant than the map, the light that is reflected back to your eyes is drastically reduced, as well as perceived by the Lantern sensor that automatically increases the luminous intensity as well as uses a combination of to diffuse light and focused, increasing the intensity up to 215 lumens. With this combination of shafts allows a perfect view of the way closer to your feet, as well as the focus directed allows a clear view of the way in distances greater than 150 meters.
All this intensity variation happens continuously and proportionate, mildly varying between the diffuse beam of light and the light directed in a linear and smooth.

Illumination with ability to reach 215 lumens is something really useful. That’s a lot of light and the most important: the quality of the optical Assembly is amazing.There are no stains or rings in the spotlight. The lenses have diffusers “Fresnel” and your quality ensures a uniformity of light that I’ve never seen in a flashlight. It seems the focus of Xenon headlights of the most sophisticated imported cars.
A tap the top button allows you to switch between 3 levels of maximum intensity, i.e. in all 3 modes to lower intensity is 7 lumens, but greater intensity can be selected between the 3 levels, avoiding ofuscamentos by too much light, as well as maintaining the autonomy of the bat Riad.
The video below is in English but shows the operation of this technology in more detail.

As if all this were not enough, she still has other surprises. You can select a button on the side between 3 modes: Reactive; Constant and red.
The reactive mode is what I just explained.
The Constant mode turns off the light sensor and allows illumination with intensity regulated, i.e. does not vary according to the battery charge, but the intensity is maintained with a value of lumens. This mode also features 3 levels of intensity static and manually selectable by the top button.
The Red mode is used for signaling, but your main function is not to overshadow our eyes, keeping the night vision. Imagine that you are enjoying the night with the light of a full moon, but need to get something inside the backpack. If you shine a white light, your pupils will constrict and your night vision will be greatly reduced for several minutes after you turn off the flashlight. With the use of red light, your pupils will have only a slight variation and after shutdown of the flashlight, your sensitivity to light of the moon will be slightly reduced, eliminating the temporary blindness to the accommodation of your eyes to natural light.
On top of this has already been mentioned, there’s more … Enclosed with the product a smart battery 1800mA lithium/h that can be recharged through a USB port. The charge time is less than 5 hours, but the amazing thing is that this USB port can be connected to a computer and with the use of an application, which can be downloaded for free within the Petzl Web site, we can program as we want the torch to behave. That’s right, we could program as we want each mode use the batteries, or even how far we want to illuminate. Notice in the screenshot below you can adjust each of the 3 levels, both for the reactive mode, as for the Constant light. You can choose a desired autonomy within hours and it will calculate how much of it will be possible to ensure maximum intensity this time of work. In my case I have set the lowest intensity level for a range of 20 hours instead of 10 hours that was the default. Still, I believe that even in economic mode, is pretty strong for the normal jobs in camp.
At the end of the battery charge in any of the modes, there is also a security burden, where the flashlight still has capacity for over 1 hour of operation in 7 intensity lumens. This to not to let you down in the middle of an activity.

In eco mode and with a use of about 4 hours a night, still have a guaranteed autonomy of 5 nights and may reach 10 nights before you need a refill, which can be done easily with a solar charger or a battery module with USB output If you do not have an electrical outlet nearby, in less than 5 hours.

Even with all this, this baby weighs only 115 grams, IE is very light compared to other hand-held lanterns. Of course it is heavy compared to my other Petzl flashlight the e + lite which weighs just 27 grams and use as backup, the two are in my backpack.