Perfect Makeup To Enhance Small Eyes

A clever use of light and dark eye shadows, matte, bright, pencil and eyeliner and volumizing mascara is the secret to transform small eyes into real weapons of seduction …

The eyes of Betty Boop is the dream-even so secret-of many women, but one look beautiful, expressive and deep does not depend on the size of the eyes. Indeed: Beauty does not mean perfection or blind adherence to certain parameters dictated by fashion and, as with other cases, even this is enough to know how to enhance their traits in the right way.By adopting a few simple tricks, in fact, you can make small eyes in a precious weapon of seduction, as taught by some famous actresses and stars of the national and international showbiz.

Eye shadow for small eyes: which one to choose and how to use it

Which eye shadow is better to make up small eyes? Light or dark? Matte or pearl? In reality the choice of the shade does not depend on size of the eye, but by the color of the iris, while in the second case it is possible-indeed necessary-to use both, as demonstrated with three star success of the caliber Michelle Hunziker, Paris Hilton and Miranda Kerr.

The neo Ms. Trussardi and American heiress represent two good examples of how to value with make up small eyes, using a balanced mix of light and dark shades and bright and matte texture. To get the result and Michelle Paris, then, the first thing to do is apply a primer to the functional makeup estate, as the illuminating basic Kiko Pearly Eye Base, then proceed to expand the eye with a dark eye shadow, emphasizing the crease of the upper eyelid and extending the color outwards and upwards . A process that can be done for example with the scintillating and ultra bright Maybelline Diamond Glow or with! Cream Eyeshadow Velvet Matt, available “in 6 intense shades from matte finis “. To give strength to the eye, finally, apply a light eye shadow and shimmering as Essence Metal Glam downtown to the eyelid and / or inner corner of the eye.

A similar process is at the base of the make-up of Miranda Kerr, but choosing all natural shades, for a nude effect sophisticated and elegant, to be copied with eyeshadows Max Factor Colour Perfection Duo.

How to use pencil and eyeliner to make up small eyes

Pencil and l ‘eyeliner have a key role in the make of the small eyes, because they serve to define its shape and give them depth, by stretching and enlarging them. A real magic trick, to be copied by Taylor Swift and Keira Knightley, who get the same result by choosing different colors and styles.

American singer opts for a solution so to speak classical, using the black eyeliner to create a queue at the outer corner of the eye. The line is thick and defined and draws the entire upper eyelid rhyme and half, starting from the center of the bottom: an optical trick-it’s appropriate to say it- that gets the desired effect and, at the same time, gives the gaze intense and magnetic allure, utilizing Exaggerate Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner brush with felt or with ScandalEyes Thick & Thin Liner with precision 3D oblique tip, both of Rimmel.

Keira Knightley, instead, chooses the most special one, while observing the rule that black is (should be) avoided to make up small eyes. The interpreter of the saga of the Pirates of the Caribbean and Anna Karenina draws fact l ‘entire eye area, reaching Angola internal shape, with a blue pencil from dense tract and bright, like the professional pencil Collistar in nuances n. 8 Cobalt Blue.

Always with pencil, finally, you can enlarge the eye by applying all ‘ inside of the lower eyelid a light color-butter or beige and, if desired, white-for example, like those of the four double-ended eye pencil outline Naked 24/7 of Urban Decay .

Mascara, the great ally of the small eyes

A make-up designed to enhance small eyes can not do without mascara. Lashes long, bulky and open to the outside-even with the help of an eyelash curler-are fundamental fact to enlarge the eye, as shown by Catherine Zeta Jones and Blake Lively, who complete a minimal and very natural makeup with absolute lashes protagonists. A result that can be achieved with the mascara L’Oreal Paris Eyelashes Butterfly or with Diorshow Iconic Overcurl and which provides the breadth and depth eyes.