Pebble Time: This Can Be the New Smart Watch

At Kickstarteter, the new Pebble Time breaks all records. See this article to see if this is right and what the Smart watch can do.
The Pebble Time in the official video
The new Pebble Time appears in two versions:with plastic and metal casing. Compared to the previous model, however, some things have changed:

• This is how the classic Pebble Time appears in black, white and red. The Pebble Time Steel can be obtained in noble gold, silver or black.
• The bracelets do not have any limits: they can be removed and replaced at any time by the Smart watch. At the Pebble Time is already included a silicone bracelet, at the metal version you get even a leather and a metal bracelet. Alternatively, all standard 22mm watch bracelets can be used.
• Despite many new features, the new Smart watches should be 20 percent thinner than the previous model. The Pebble Time is only 9.5 millimeters thick.
• The housing is also waterproof in both watches. This means that you do not even have to remove the Smart watch in the swimming pool. The display is made of scratch-resistant Gorilla glass, so that the sand of the watch may not be able to do anything.
The equipment:This is in the new Pebble Time
Not only visually does the Smart watch a lot. The built-in hardware also looks great at first glance:
• As with the previous model, an energy-saving e-paper display with 30 fps is also installed in the new pebble-watches. This does not consume any energy as long as the picture does not change on the clock. While the original Pebble Smart watch could only display black and white images, the new models now also support 64 different colors. A touchscreen is missing though.
• How to save energy the built-in display shows the battery life: up to 7 days the new Pebble Time is to be maintained in continuous operation. The metal version is even up to 10 days.
• The built-in microphone is also new. For example, you may want to dictate messages, accept calls, or control your smartphone.
• With the buttons, Pebble is limited to a minimum: with a power button you switch off your out and via three buttons on the right side you navigate through the menus.
• To prevent you from missing a notification of your mobile phone in the future, the new Smart watches have a vibration sensor that will inform you about new messages.
Software and apps: smart watches or useless hardware?
Even the best Smart watch does not bring any benefits without the right apps or smart phones. Pebble has thought of almost everything here:
• The new Pebble Smart watches are compatible with iphones and ipad from iOS 8. Android smartphone owners need at least Android 4.0.
• In the integrated App Store, you can already find more than 6,500 optimized applications. All apps that have worked on the old Smart watch will also run on the new models. The software kit for the developers will also clearly drill pebble, so that new apps appear constantly.
• In addition to the app offer, the operating system must also be correct. Here Pebble takes a completely new path and puts the calendar in the foreground. Using the page buttons, you can switch directly to your next appointments in the so-called “timeline” or view past notifications without starting an app. The main display still remains the time.
Prices and release:Pebble Time and time steel in price comparison
• The Pebble Time will appear in May 2015 for the price of 199 dollars. Those who support the team at Kickstart will only pay $159 until the release.
• The Pebble Time Steel is scheduled to enter the market in July 2015. The price will be 299 dollars. Pre-order by Kickstarter numbers to date only 259 dollars. If you order in Germany, you will also be charged 10 dollars in shipping and customs fees.
• You will also receive the original Pebble Smart watch for around 145 euros.
Until the new pebble-watches appear, you can find out about the competition with us. We have examined the Apple Watch  from TimeDictionary and the Moto 360 for you.