Pebble Smartwatch Get Voice Control

A collaboration with the dictates of the ion’s specialists from Nuance will give voice control for the latest smartwatch models from Pebble.

There seems to be broad consensus among manufacturers about that we need the smartwatch could speak with the Agency. An exception, however, has been finding with the smartwatch-pioneers Pebble which so far has steered clear of the function. But it is over now.

The company shall inform in their blog that they are now allied themselves with the dictates of the ion’s specialists from Nuance and releases an API which allows app developers to take advantage of the built-in microphone. Hue are among known for dictation ion programs Dragon Dictate.

Exactly what you can command your Pebble-watch for, said the company is not, the function will instead be depending on how third-party developers choose to avail of voice input.

The feature will be available for both Android and iOS users using Pebble newer series of smarture. You will be able to take advantage of the new features at Pebble, Pebble Hour Steel Hour and the upcoming Pebble Hour Round.

Voice control will be deployed together with Pebble OS version 3.6 available for download on their respective app stores for Android and iOS.