Pebble Smart Watch Receive A New Batch Of Great Features

In our stores you can buy not only the smart watch Apple Watch, but a little differently conceived watch Pebble Time with constantly active display and a weekly endurance. And just watch Pebble Time receive new firmware.

Pebble Time watches from the outset to fully and reliably operate not only with the Android operating system, but also with our iPhones powered mobile operating system iOS. Pebble now released a new version of firmware and application control for these watches.

The biggest adjustment relates to embedded system Pebble Health, which are analogous application activity known as smart watches Apple Watch. Also Gravel Health measures your day activity, and that – in contrast to Apple Watch to be charged overnight – including quality of sleep.

Data, which collects Pebble Health, are available for viewing only in the watches themselves (with weekly reports, including graphs), but are also synced to Health in the iOS.

In addition to improving the entire Pebble Health monitoring function also got this new API for developers who will now be able to read the motion and health data and work with them both in the context of applications for these watches, and in its cifernících.

Another new feature is the ability to respond to notification own pre-qualified texts. So on those alerts that enable interaction (e-mail message, text message or iMessage, a report from any of the instant messenger), it will be possible to answer directly from the watch.

Other new features include enhancements to the already above-average stamina and fix a few minor bugs.