Parrot Airborne Night Test Comparison Review

The parrot airborne night  is a fun and toy drone of the french manufacturer parrot. with very bright leds, suitable the parrot airborne night above all things for cool flights in twilight or in the night.

Parrot airborne night: mini drone with led lights.

The Parrot Airborne Night is currently available in three different versions. The Parrot Airborne Night Maclane, the Parrot Airborne Blaze or Parrot Airborne Night Swat differ mainly in their color finish-the functionalities are identical. The parrot airborne mini-drone is delivered with a quite extensive scope of delivery-in the delivery box you can find flight cane, a rechargeable battery, a USB cable or microUSB cable, stickers and stickers as well as a short manual.

The 129-euro-expensive Airborne Night Quadrocopter from Parrot(now much cheaper) is part of the latest series of mini-bikes launched by the French drones manufacturer. Like the other mini drones, the Parrot Airborne Night is quite simple yet comparatively robust. Children and adolescents will soon fall in love with the mini drone, especially since the Fun Quadrocopter made of polyamide plastic can be used not only in the outdoor area, but also in the indoor area-eg in the domestic living room-without great danger. The propeller protection, which is attached to the rotors and already pre-assembled, can withstand even harder crashes effortlessly and allows even smaller competitions to be carried out in the air with several mini drones. If you want to pilot the Parrot Airborne Night in outdoor use or extend the flight time by a lighter weight, the propeller protection can also be dismantled in a few hands. Individualists can choose the Parrot Airborne Night drone in three different color variations, whereby not only paint and stickers, but also the color of the propellers varies. The Fun Quadrocopter with a weight of 63 grams and dimensions of 180 x 185 x 40 millimeters (with propeller protection) or a weight of 54 grams as well as dimensions of 150 x 150 x 40 millimeters (without propeller protection) is a flyweight through and through , Which allows the Quadrocopter to be quickly inserted into the pocket.

Many Features In Free Freeflight App

The most important feature of the Parrot Airborne Night Quadrocopter can be found directly on the case. Here, the manufacturer has installed very bright LED lights, which on the one hand act as a kind of spotlight and on the other hand an extremely cool look. The LED lights in the Kopternase are pleasantly bright and can be switched on and off within the app. In the air, the toy drone makes a very agile and sporty figure. Only the free FreeFlight app has to be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, depending on your smartphone. To launch the Quadrocopter with the app, simply press the Start and Land button. The mini-drone lifts off quickly and then hovers at a height of about one meter on the spot.The landing process is also initiated: A push of a button in the app is enough to make the Parrot Airborne Night Minidrohne safely and fairly stable as if by ghost hand. Within the app are not only the usual joystick or joystick for piloting, but also various settings are available.For example, in addition to settings of the flight aggressiveness or speed, flight limits (eg altitude or maximum distance) can also be set. In addition, the Parrot Airborne Night drone has a trick mode so that after selecting the respective trickle-such as a front flip, backflip, etc. -a double tip on the display suffices for the fun drone to perform independently many stunts.

Excluded Control-Control Modes

Apart from this, three different control modes are available within the app: Ace, Normal, and Joypad. The Joypad variant is probably used by most pilots-here the fun quadrocopter is maneuvered with the virtual joysticks in a conventional way. If the transparent point is drawn into the respective corner of the round circles, the trend toy from quadrocopter can be maneuvered in the corresponding direction.While both the height and rotation of the quadrocopter is controlled with the left circle, the right circle functions to control forward and backward and leftward and rightward motions respectively. In the “normal” mode, the left-hand control is used to adjust the height and rotation while moving forward, backward, left, and right through intuitive tilting and tilting movements of the smartphone while simultaneously holding the right control element. In the Ace mode, the right control element turns into a directional control so that the drone can be maneuvered in both directions by 90 degrees and 180 degrees drifts and movements of the right thumb.

Ultrasonic Sensor Included

In addition to the typical gyroscope, the Parrot Airborne Night has an ultrasonic sensor below the housing, which can be used for stabilization and can measure vertically at heights of up to four meters. The ultrasound stabilizer is a great safety gain and makes the control of the Parrot Airborne Night drone extremely simple and stable. In addition, the mini-drone is equipped with a stop mechanism: for example, if the propellers touch the wall, the motors stop immediately to prevent damage. This is a great feature and should be included with every mini-drone for beginners.

Mini Camera For Photo Function

Furthermore, the Parrot Airborne Night is equipped with a  mini-camera, which can record smaller snapshots in VGA resolution (480 x 640 pixels) or 300,000 pixels. However, videos can not record the Parrot Airborne Night, only photos are possible. The Parrot Airborne Night drone comes with a built-in flash memory, which has a fairly small storage capacity of just one gigabyte. Too bad: The camera is only directed downwards, so that only vertical, but not horizontal or forward-facing shots are possible. The fact that the Parrot Airborne Night only has forward, but not downward directed LED lights is also counter to the installation location of the camera-a downward directed LED light would improve torque recordings even in dark light conditions. In addition, the FPV image in the app is not only inferior in quality, but also has a fairly high latency (delay time), so that the choice of the subject with the real-time camera image is a good luck.The function is praiseworthy, after all, only very few fun and toy drones offer a photo function at all.

All That A Mini Drone Should Offer

The maximum range of the control is around 20 to 25 meters-more is not possible with a conventional Bluetooth connection. Unlike other drones-such as DJIs camera drones or the Parrot Bebop Drone-the Parrot Airborne Night drone can not return to the departure point when there is no GPS module. If the battery reaches its end, and if the last energy supply of the quadrocopter is less than four percent, the drone will automatically land.

The 550 mAh strong battery is removable and is supplied with the supplied microUSB cable with power. Depending on the flight mode, the flight time varies with a fully charged battery between seven and maximum nine minutes. The recharge time of the battery is about 25 minutes-using a 2.6A charger (not included). If the battery is supplied with fresh energy with the supplied USB-to-microUSB cable, for example, on a PC with a standard USB 2.0 port, charging takes about 90 minutes. We have charged the battery with a USB 3.0 port and the supplied cable so that charging took only 35 minutes.

Conclusion And Rating

The Parrot Airborne Night Minidrohne is a great, versatile and comparatively high-quality gadget which can be seen especially in view of the safe and intuitive controls. Parrot has given the quadrocopter of the category “children and adolescents” many great features, so the comparatively high price of 129, -Euro (RRP) is quite worthwhile. Other mini-quadrocopters have much less to offer-and are not so functional as high-quality processed.