Parent’s Choice

As I went to Wallmart last week take a look at the childish clothes, took and bought a few packs of tissue of the American brand’s Parent’s Choice that ´ only sell there.

The wipes have an excellent cost benefit. The package comes 80 units and costs R $8.98. Compared to national scarves that cost this or more and has about 50 units, this is worth it.

The package comes with a rigid plastic cover, which in my opinion should have in all brands of wipes, and the opening is quite small and practice, which helps to not dry out. They come out individually with ease, another plus point because it has no waste.

Are ultra tough, don’t RIP even pulling hard. See the test:

Are moistened in the right measure. Not too dry and not wet to the point of forming a espuminha like some brands.

In short I loved it, and only by the factor of having no taste, not win 10 note. I do not question this, but how do I use a lot of Hanky home little girls butt and enough to wipe your hands and feet, like that has at least a mild smell.

Another produtinho with great cost benefit that joined the list of my darlings!

Now I want to try this brand diapers that have told me that are great too.

And if you want to see the other tests of tissues, click here.