Overview: Nexus 5 X First Impressions, Windows 10 and Oneplus-New.

Here you can get a quick and simple overview of the biggest stories from the week that was.

Although autumn holiday is rolled over the land, says mobile world does not provide. Our site has got his fingers in Google’s upcoming Nexus 5 x phone and already from the first click with your phone, it is clear that there is something to look forward to.

Google LG Nexus 5 x-first test
Google and LG renews cooperation around the new Nexus 5 x phone. The result is again promising.

This week, it was also clear that both Microsoft, HTC, Samsung and OnePlus will bid on something which is worth to look forward to, with news about the upcoming Windows 10 update, Samsung s7 and a new OnePlusmobil in the pipeline:

First major Windows 10 update ready next summer
Windows 10 will be updated for Windows diclofenac 10.1 as Windows 8, it was with Windows 8.1. However, it will not happen before the summer of 2016.

Windows Update: these mobiles 10 Mobile gets the first
Microsoft clarifies which devices will get Windows 10 Mobile-and when they get the update. View the list here.

Windows 10 get ‘ Find my Enhed’-function
Should your Windows 10 laptop or tablet be away, Microsoft may soon find it for you.

Official: New flagship of HTC next week
HTC teaser for an early launch of a new flagship phone in One class in the coming week.

Samsung Galaxy S7 may come with its own 3D Touch
Samsung will make Apple art for and implement a technology in the next Galaxy S7 called ClearForce, who works in the style of Apple’s 3D Touch.

Oneplus X-date for the launch identified
Chinese Oneplus launches soon their third smartphone: OnePlus X.