Outfit 21.02.13

I put together my second “Tchibo”outfit with the parka and the beige-and-coral striped sweater. The sweater was a favorite on the press photos in real he is much nicer. The fabric is pleasantly soft and relatively warm, so that the relatively thin parka over it not to”little jacket” was.The parka in itself is also a highlight in the collection for me, because he really worn is class. It fits perfectly and can be already water – and wind-resistant (also the fabric is also water repellent, so also still quite handy).I’m more a fan of lighter jackets and coats so I’m especially satisfied. The details are also very beautiful as the elastics on collar and waist, the many pockets, an elastic waistband down and a hood to rear can hide in the collar (I leave that but once inside, because I get those things never again so beautifully pure gefummelt).

Because I wanted to bring a little more color in the outfit, I chose green bag with makeup and find that it again beautiful picks up the whole look – already again a little spring, though it’s really cold outside (and the snow are also still not quite up…).
The boots are pretty old and somehow I too rarely wear them, because they are quite uncomfortable. But they the outfit complete so beautiful, that I wanted to give it.

In the makeup, I used my favorite color again. I love green on the eyelids! This times I painted an eyeliner that is curved slightly further outwards. Matching I have been to the sweater in blush and lip gloss on coral – a fresh, springlike look.