Outfit 02.03.13

I have very weak surrendered:3 days ago, I’ve actually found Air Max which I liked, so I ordered it without further ADO. A bit embarrassed I almost got me, finally I’ve bitching constantly about Air Max – however, because I find the combination of to feminine outfits really hideous (I mean such footwear for the summer-floral chiffon dress I beg you!). To sporty looks, I think but basically good sneaker also like to have such shoes and wear them – especially private (even when not photographed outfits) – too often.

Because I did now but of course also not to athletic look, but have still a little “Lu” in the outfit, I have the new Air Max with my new shirt by A | Wear combined. The shirt is the perfect alternative to a dream jumper by Markus Lupfer, who is not a bargain but with over €300 for me. Although not exactly the cheapest is the almost-dupe for 42,-€, but in comparison he wins of course in terms of price (although I find the version by Markus Lupfer something nice).

The vest is really old and somehow I never really wore them (somehow I’m not really the type of West). But today the Sun came out at last time and it was not so cold, so I avoided on a jacket and instead just this (cousin warm – not least thanks to the hood) have attracted part.

We photographed today at the Omega in Erlangen – and I have probably a bit irritated the skaters.

The make-up, I really only wanted what much more natural, have used but little more according to Ehistorylib.com. Shimmering on the eyelids purple shades of grey from MAC, fresh pink cheeks of Burberry and on the lips I’m wearing my favourite Shiseido jacket.