Outerwear from Herno

Anyone who has ever tried a outerwear from Herno has also experienced manufacturer’s main hallmark, cut. Many outerwear is perceived as bylsiga and immobile, this is exactly the opposite. The feeling is the figure-hugging without tightening or compromise with movement. Something that according to Hernos CEO Claudio Marenzi is a result of the brand’s 60 years of experience.

Claudio speaks warmly about the 70-year-old Mario chefstillskäraren, who has worked for Herno for over 50 years.

-He can really push our younger cutter to madness. It is all the time, “does almost like this, but better”. In the end, though, the result is impeccable.

One of many explanations behind the cut is the manufacturer’s ‘ duble ‘ technology, which in simple terms means that the two layers of fabric sewn together by hand after a special pattern. The result is virtually invisible seams and joints, but the technology also gives the garment a special structure and Charter. Jil Sander was one of many private label customers who appreciated the technique, but has also produced Herno outerwear for Prada, Hermès, Armani, and Louis Vuitton.

Claudio Marenzi talks about the concept of a New Tradition as a summary of the brand’s philosophy. A large part of the design language is taken from our own store, but with modern solutions in the form of fabric and lining.Last fall launched the brand including the concept “Flexy” down “; a jacket where the different parts of goose down garment have been injected. Made of a nylon and lycrablanding jacket is extremely flexible and with a weight of only 200 grams. For spring launches brand Bike Project consisting of two jack models, intended for motorcyclists. One of the most advanced features of the jackets is the airbag in the neck which is developed in collaboration with Engine Air Bag. For next autumn will even jackets in nylon and kevlar mixtures in order to protect from light falls from a bicycle or scooter.

-Quality craftsmanship in the company make it possible to create this type of outerwear. We can find new smart solutions precisely because we have the experience, “says Claudio.

How do you experience that customer demand on outerwear changed?

-Today’s consumers set significantly higher demands on function. They want a jacket that you basically can ski in whilst it must be elegant enough to wear in the urban environment. I myself am not very thrilled when extreme functional jackets are worn to affärskostymen but we try to work after basically very classic models, but at the same time make them a little more functional through smart fabrics and feed solutions.Although a classic cashmere coat can be very elegant, it is hardly the ideal for those who want a durable outerwear with good breathability.Style mixing function and elegance are already well established in Italy and even Japan, but I am convinced that it will get even more entrenched in the future.

Herno is together with, for example, Incotex and Boglioli examples of product specialists as recent seasons a pretty big attention. What do you think the increased interest depends on?

-During the 1990s and much of the 21st century, it was believed that the money begat money. I think the economic downturn led us to want to return to the product itself. For me I feel a big part of the fashion houses ‘ communication very outdated. It’s about selling a lifestyle. I think today’s consumers with internet access and a greater flow of information has become much more aware. They want to create their own lifestyle.Perhaps the biggest change is done on younger fashion markets such as Russia and China, where the flashy luxury start to disappear in favor of a more sophisticated style.