Outer Coat Trend

After several seasons of functional jackets and outerwear in the technical synthetic fabrics are directed now focus back towards the classic go with the outer coat. Classical well-dressed but in modern cut and smart details have go with the outer coat will once again become an integral part among the autumn season’s men’s collections.

To talk about trends when it comes to such a timeless garments that go with the outer coat or paletån can easily seem like the correct contradictory.As well as Mr fashions in General so it’s basically the same garments presented each season. The big difference is rather in how we carry and what we put on the garments. Something that becomes particularly clear in the case of topcoats.

For although it may appear that outerwear from the outside, has not changed much in recent years, it has when it comes to cuts, materials and details of a minor revolution. Perhaps the biggest change is the silhouette in which many manufacturers eyes Italy with a shorter and softer shoulder falling more naturally over the jacket. Similarly, starting half and completely unlined structures become more common even for topcoats.Meant only that a lining in the shoulder area often are very good for the garment to be shaping up nicely over the jacket.

At tygsidan have treated wool fabrics as Loro Pianas Storm System been set the standard for a modern overcoat. Today’s carriers place high demands on the garment will both breathe that withstand the wet and cold conditions but become too heavy and clumsy. The new way to wear the coat is also noticeable on the details. Smart ficklösningar on the inside and removable liner makes it easy to store small items as well as create garments that can easily be adapted to the weather and opportunity.