Our Fine Clothing in Vantaa

Last Christmas we drew on a Manolo in very interesting and relatively new brand from Singapore in the form of Vantaa Fine clothing. The company, run by the very sympathetic Gerald and Diana specializes in accessories in the form of ties, handkerchiefs and lapel flowers. All products are manufactured by hand in their Studio. Now it has begun to be replenished with new products for the spring.

Ties are almost exclusively made in the 6-fold design and has a very slight or non-existent feed. They are all also called untipped without lining hem, among others, are contained in a featherweight ties wool and linen blend and other light materials. One of the things that makes Vanda fine clothing that interesting is except that all ties can måttbeställdsa after the buyer’s wishes is the firm’s feel for the material.

They have recently made a purchase travel ti Japan in which it was selected fabrics from small specialist manufacturers and mills. Among other things, the fabrics from a 108 year old family-owned textile mill in very fine and thin wool, wool/linen mixtures which lends itself particularly well for the summer.

They also have among their pocket squares a number of different variants, all made from vintage kimmonotyger of thin wool. Their fabrics are from Japan, England and Italy and it is the supply of material in a little more casual design that appeals to us. This spring include a chambrayslips, several pieces in sidenkvaliteten shantung, some very thin wool qualities as well as a good range of grenadineslipsar.