Orkut Creates Feature That Separates His Family Coworkers

The Google announced today that they classify as a DNA change orkut. As a social network used by almost all Brazilians, the social circles of various people are there without separation. This means that if you want to say something specifically for your family and do not want your coworkers to see, there is no regular it. The change happened exactly in that part.

From today Orkut allows the separation of the social circles that each user belongs. Network members can choose with whom to share certain photos and quick updates. The change is accompanied by a slight layout change. Now the update field is at the top and write some quick text, the user can choose which social circle it will be sent montauk-monster.com/pharmacy/zolpidem before being published. Also a tab reminders was created that keeps record all activities that require a user action such as friend requests, testimonials, etc.

To facilitate the creation of groups, Google also created an algorithm that search their common connections and friendships to automatically create circles, as a family, college friends, etc. The user can also manually create the groups you want and ignore the suggestions proposed.

The new version is being made ??available as of today and should be available for all by the weekend. Google warns that it will not work in Internet Explorer 6. Users in the old version, however, may also interact with users of the new version. Learn more about the new features on this page.