OPI Skyfall Collection Review

Opi recently launched a collection of 12 glazes inspired by the fiftieth anniversary of the 007 films in rich colors, eye-catching and “dangerous”.
Skyfall, so it is called the collection, named after the last episode of the saga, played for the third time by Daniel Craig.

Besides the basic collection Skyfall, OPI has also launched three magnetic enamels always dedicated to James Bond.

The 12 glazes of the collection Skyfall are in line with the autumn colors and are named after the 12 episodes of the most famous 007 agent movie:
– The World Is Not Enough;
– Tomorrow Never Dies;
– Skyfall;
– Casino Royale;
– You Only Live Twice;
– Die Another Day;
– The Spy Who Loved Me;
– Golden Eye;
– Moonraker;
– On Her Majesty’s Secret Service;
– Live And Let Die;
– The Living Daylights.

While the three  enamels magnetic OPI always dedicated to James Bond are:
– Is That Silva?;
– Bond… James Bond (star of this review);
– Morning Moneypenny.

Of the three magnetic Opi nail Magnetic Lacquers & magnetizers – we tried Bond James Bond, of which we present the review.

We find the enamel and the magnet Opi contained within a clear plastic casing that makes it easy to see the color of the glaze and the effect that will make the magnet that is contained in a white cardboard inside the package.

The enamel Bond..James Bond is contained in the classic bottle Opi, it contains 15 ml of product and has duration of 24 months after opening.

The glaze has a right consistency, that is to say neither too fluid nor too thick, it spreads very well and is immediately covering starting from the first pass, for a result, however, impeccable advice to do two passes in order to obtain a total opacity .

The brush is medium to large in size and this greatly facilitates the drawing, council also to shake the nail polish before applying.

It ‘s always good practice before moving on to each nail, apply a transparent protective base so as not to cause damage to the nail, which may turn yellow and also the base will allow the glaze to adhere better.

I got to test the effectiveness of Bond … James Bond is one of enamels magnetic out the collection Skyfall of Opi, I had already tried in the past several magnetic enamels, this is definitely one of the most original.

The nuance is wonderful it is a golden color – pigmented bronze covering from the first pass, it can also be left as well and is already marvelous because the light has reflexes that make it unique, but primarily designed to be used with the magnet (it is precisely one enamel magnetic).

The magnet is included in box with a transparent plastic tool, which approached the glaze cool (I suggest you put as close as possible without hitting the nail and wait about 6.7 seconds) creates a very beautiful design and detail , but at the same time discreet.

The glow of the glaze and micro glitter gold are further enhanced magnetic effect and is as if the enamel to become, precisely two different colors, as the magnet attracts the pigments creating this play of light.

The effect created by the magnet on the nails may be modulated according to their own preferences, making it more or less visible, depending on the time of exposure to the magnet. One can choose for a more discreet result (with the lines just mentioned), or for a more intense result.

The Opi nail last time, apply easily, also there is no need to wait a long time for drying because the nail polish dries fairly quickly. I advise you to shake the nail polish before applying it, both for better preparation, but also because by doing so the pigments are mixed better with each other and the effect magnetic you get with magnet will be better.

As always when done well to dry the enamel, also recommend the application of a good top coat to make the application more polished and lasting.

I already knew the quality of the products Opi and I must say that even this time not have been disappointed, absolutely fantastic, when you find novelty and quality together I am always very satisfied.