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As promised recently some buying guides will happen for you to see more clearly in the offer menswear.

The idea is evidently not to list with an image and a link by brand. My goal is mainly that you are able to identify each brand and its own characteristics.
Here is a brief selection of 13 brands, with a synthetic description that complement the As tests on the blog.

Some additions are still expected (as Luxire particular).

(The shirt title image is a M.Studio is also in this brand you can find models to 24 Euros in outlet).

Below 75 euros

We had already talked a bit about M.Studio, which has the advantage of brand Menlook (even if the e-shop avoids making the association): formerly known Menlook Label, it has a very big expertise in sourcing, permitted by the previous seasons. It was the coup of beautiful materials, finishes correct (but not necessarily extraordinary at this price there) and a standardized cut to suit most body types.

With the size of a structure like Menlook group also benefits from volume effects that contribute to the quality / price ratio.

We had M.Studio tested here.

Plus: A wide range of models available, and frequent discounts that allow you to have very often less than 40 euros. Perfect for beginners.

Minimum: basic fit (but that goes pretty good, despite my 59 kg for 1m74) and clean finishes, but standard (do not expect to sartoriales finishes at this price).

Shirts for Men

8 Man

8 is somewhat equivalent to M.Studio, but this time managed by Yoox e-commerce destocking. This is also a huge structure (which merged last year with NET A PORTER) and allows you to enjoy quality materials at ultra affordable prices.

Yoox is located in Italy, so everything is here also made in Italy. A test should arrive soon.

Plus: A good alternative to M.Studio shirts with a good choice and a good quality / price ratio to less than 50 euros. (more frequent discounts on Yoox).

Minimum: In finishes again very basic, and sometimes a little less choice than M.Studio.

Charles Tyrwhitt

Charles Tyrwhitt offers a wide range that goes from formal shirts Non-Iron (whose tissue is weaker against) to more worked shirts with marked textures. The range of ready to wear is also quite wide and a quality / great price.

Remove as fantasies and motives casual and stay in the basic formal: the plain and simple vertical stripes.

Plus: Free Shipping to France and offers 4 shirts for less than 139 euros with a good choice.

Minimum: At least to a large size, opt for slim fit or extra slim fit

Available here (affiliate link)

TM Lewin

TM Lewin is a direct competitor of Charles Tyrwhitt, but that seems to innovate a little more on non-iron shirts and wrinkle-free suits Merino (though to be tested).
We also find the same bundles that allow you to have a shirt less than 40 euros: recent feedback on poplin are slightly worse against

Plus: A non-iron offer that sounds rather innovative and a quality / price equivalent to Charles Tyrwhitt.

Minimum: A fairly inconsistent quality on the sometimes too fine poplin. Opt for Oxford (and the fitted or super fitted in section).

First Round

A new brand without intermediaries, distributed exclusively online with a quality fabric and immaculate finish. Excellent for casual shirts with a well-fitting cut, high armholes and neck the hidden button that takes no problems with two buttons open. Amaury, the founder, was based on the requests of its customers in half measure (on its website other Balmory ) to develop an appropriate model to many.

Attention by cons if you have to spend the day at the office in the heat. The test is coming!

Plus: the collar that holds everything alone with the two top buttons open thanks to the discreet button, neat finishes and quality materials.

Minimum: A very slim fit which may not suit everyone, be careful as to which stocks are going fast.


The Hast shirts have a slim fit (halfway between the slim cut and straight cut) and now offer an extra-slim offer.
The semi-cutaway collar, brand signature, is super versatile in terms of context ( but less in terms of morphology) with a tie and a large Windsor knot, it is well suited to a formal context. Without and with one or even two buttons open, it will also be suitable for more casual occasions.
We also spoke titration: here it is slightly lower because of a 100/2. But we must put things in context, such titration is already very respectable be, and is all the more impressive in these price bands

Plus: Different cuts and especially long sleeves special models for large who are struggling to find a suitable size. Quite an impressive variety in fabrics.

Minimum: Most models have a semi-cutaway collar that do not necessarily go to everyone. (especially if you have a long neck and a long face)