OnePlus’ “Scrap Your Samsung” Campaign Backfires

OnePlus ‘ controversial contest in which you could scrap a more expensive Samsung smartphone to a free OnePlus 2 frames now the manufacturer itself.

The Chinese startup, OnePlus, drove last week a somewhat special campaign, where they would donate 50 so-called winners a free OnePlus 2 to file a substantially more expensive Samsung smartphone, for example, Galaxy S6.

Now get the small producer even allowed to brand what it is like to be a victim of his own campaign. It is, however, not Samsung corresponding OnePlus again, but on the other hand, another Chinese manufacturer named Meizu, which is one of the largest manufacturers in China.

In a posting on Facebook doing Meizu fun with OnePlus’ image in the campaign, called “Help Hope Phones!”, which is an organization that recycles phones. Meizu’s true copy of OnePlus ‘ image on the other hand, is called “Help Yourself” and have hash tag #TurnTheHeatOff instead of “TurnTheEdgeOff” with OnePlus reference to the infamous, hot Snapdragon 810 processor.

Of course lets you also swap your Meizu OnePlus 2 to a recent Meizu PRO 5 consisting of much identical specifications.

Above you can see the two pictures from the campaigns: OnePlus Respectively ‘, where you had to scrap a Samsung Galaxy S6, S6, S6 edge edge + or Note 5, and Meizu’s, where you need to scrap a OnePlus 2.

About it so soon will be Meizu’s’s turn to get the campaign to feel at your own body, must the time display.