Oldie But Goldie – the Most Famous Classic Bags

Whether flared trousers, slip blouse or black pumps – these classics can be found in each certainly fashionable wardrobe. Also in the bags segment there are those timeless classics pockets that are not guaranteed even after decades out of fashion. They owe their name often celebrities of the time history, as Grace Kelly or Lady Diana, who made ??these handbags to genuine style icons. Meanwhile, these models are not only stylish accessory, they are true investments, whose value of the year appears to be rising to year. We have compiled the most famous classic bags for you.

Kelly Bag

The Kelly bag was done in 1935 and almost 20 years later, after the actress and later Princess of Monaco – Grace Kelly – named when she was photographed on her engagement with said purse. Typical of this model are the trapezoidal section and the delicate elements that give the bag its elegance. With this case you score particularly in matters of style. The myth behind it and many other interesting information you find in our small bag customer about the Kelly Bag.

The Birkin Bag

This model is the icon among pockets classics. It is made individually by request and is financially depending on the customer and budget in four or five digits. Its origin owes the Birkin bag probably a fateful coincidence. Thus, in the early 1980s, the French actress and style icon Jane Birkin and the former Hermes president Jean Luis Dumas are taken randomly on a flight from Paris to London have. The actress complained in an interview about the fact that it is so difficult to find a matching purse in the optimal size. Then Dumas should have outlined the first designs on a napkin on the plane. The Birkin bag has the classic trapezoidal shape which is slightly narrow at the top. Particularly striking are the short handle and the typical closure belt which is provided with a small padlock.

Flap Bag

This timeless model is not only an elegant bags classic, it is the perfect heirloom. Coco Chanel designed this copy already in the 1920s. However, in the market it was only in February 1955 – hence the name 2:55 (2 for February, and 55 for 1955). The advantage offered this bag at the time, was primarily the shoulder strap. So the ladies had their hands free and were not going to risk medicament lipitor losing her bag while standing discontinuation. Thus, the bag was a sensation and replaced the classic handle bag. This handbag for modern women Coco Chanel revolutionized the fashion world at that time. Typical of the Chanel 2.55 is its rectangular shape, the gold-colored metal chains as straps and of course the distinctive diamond-shaped stitching.

Lady Dior

This model from the luxury Dior owes its name to a female celebrity – the British princess Diana. This was the case in 1995 by the French president’s wife Bernadette Chirac paid. From then on, this model was available in different versions of the constant companion of Lady Diana’s side. Characteristic for these classics are the “Cannage” – topstitching, the rectangular shape and the label of the house, dangling for good luck at Henkel pocket. In any case lies true craftsmanship – it takes up to 1 ½ days for a copy to be completed. Of course, this is reflected in the price – a classic “Lady Dior” costs about 2,600 euros.

Jackie Bag

In the 1950s, the Italian luxury label Gucci created the “Jackie Bag” (previously “Constance”). Its name comes from pockets classic no less style icon than the US president’s wife Jacqueline Kennedy. Her trademark pearl necklace, sunglasses and Gucci handbag. Typical elements of Jackie are the vertical shutter, the soft mold (Boho bag) and the distinctive tassels on the side.

Speedy 30

This spacious model is the classic Louis Vuitton bags. The Speedy 30 was designed in the 1930s and enjoys today great popularity. Style icon Audrey Hepburn among others counted among the biggest fans of the elegant handle bag. The Speedy Bag give it in different sizes (25, 30, 35 and 10 – in centimeter). Typical of these bags are classic round the stable basic shape (Bowling Bag), the characteristic Canvas with Louis Vuitton Monogram pattern and you short leather handles. Originally this model was intended as a travel bag for the fine lady of the world, which explains the size and the robust material.

Every season new and stylish bags creations come on the market, all of which have great potential to rise up in the pockets of Olympus. But what unites these classic Hermes to Louis Vuitton their legendary stories that celebrities who had fallen to them and of course a lot of style. All this can write classic fashion history these bags.