Now you Can Multitask While Navigating in Google Maps

Google Maps for Android gets smarter and now lets you search for petrol stations, restaurants and other places, while you are in the process of navigation.

You have probably seen you while using Google Maps have been forced to exit the navigation to search for places nearby such as a petrol station, a restaurant or other locations-as subsequently having to initiate the navigation again.

It saves you from in a new and updated version of Google Maps for Android, so that you can navigateand perform other searches for possibly changing, where ever you want to navigate to.

Specifically, you just need to make a navigation as you normally would. A search button in the upper right corner gives a number of options that you can find in the vicinity of where you are while navigating. You can also search for a location, if you’re looking for something more specific. From here you can choose “navigate”, and then you’re on the right path to your new destination without you need to finish the ongoing navigation.

Google said that the new feature rolled out for Android in the course of the next few weeks without mentioning anything about when-and if-the iOS version of kortappen are given the same update.