Nokia 808 PureView Phone – 41 Megapixels!

Nokia has always been famous for creating sturdy, good-quality cell phones and especially better cameras than the average handset market.

Nokia 808 PureView Phone – 41 Megapixels!

In the technology crisis that is taking place in Barcelona this week (02/28/2012) Nokia introduced another device that promises to further heat up the fight for better cameras in mobile phones, is the Nokia 808 with PureView technology.

This is a new approach to how photography is handled. Instead of using sensors with huge resolutions to create gigantges photos, both in quantity of pixels but mainly with many mega bytes, Nokia did different. It uses a 41MP sensor to sample the real-world image, but the output is a 5MP photo. The software on the device can reduce the image without loss of quality. It also works with videos that can have Full HD (1920 × 1080).

What’s more interesting is that with the use of this technology the Nokia 808 PureView allows you to zoom in up to 3X without loss of quality. Go by dividing the 40MP by half (100% zoom) in 3 operations you have the 5MP photo without loss of quality.

The lenses used are also Carl Zeiss, of very good quality and the same that has already been used in previous Nokia handsets and have made great success as the N95.

It seems very interesting from the videos and descriptions of the site, now it’s only necessary to wait for the Nokia 808 to arrive in Brazil to check closely how much the pictures are really good!

The video below shows a little more about the device. It basically says that it is even amazing the camera zoom does not lose any quality.

With regard to multimedia and camera quality I think nobody doubts that Nokia might even surprise … but still is it worth losing all the convenience of Android for this?

What is your opinion?