Ninco Parkracers, Have Fun with the Most Small

To enter small house in the world of Radio control, or to have a fun time with friends, all with the same car, Ninco offers us a series of automodels called ParkRacer.
Now behealthybytomorrow will test the model Freerider Urban.
It is a micro car RTR, scale 1:32, powered by a LiPo battery and 2.4 ghz transmitter. An authentic racing car that incorporates 5 gearshift, ideal for making more controllable vehicle during the first few uses.
Together with the car, a ramp and a few cones, extras that we add more possibilities of game.

Ninco makers have been very aggressive, aerodynamic design car enters the eyes from the first time. Own packing box is already very successful.
The finish polycarbonate body has ample resistance, coupled with the low weight of the vehicle, they do have a nearly indestructible car. 2 colors (red and blue) are currently available.
A detail to take into account is that the body (type fairing buggy) protects wheels, so it will be more difficult to break in case of accident.

The chassis finished in plastic brings lightness and resistance to the whole. It has no front suspension, but we appreciate only certain loss of control, when we are on uneven surfaces.
Traction is direct to the rear axle, differential is what brings us better traction on loose surfaces.

The wheels have a sizeable, being finished in tacos. It must take into account the surface where to use it, since it is not very friend excessively sliding floor, not very irregular surfaces.
Traction is in charge of a powered electric motor micro meditante a LiPo battery. The car moves with great agility, given their low weight.

For charging the battery we have a USB cable that connects directly to the car. Charging times vary according to the discharged battery is and play time stretches over 20 minutes after a full charge.
The engine moves largely to the car, still recommended the use of short gears when you want to start a novel pilot, because if not, will be making spinning tops all the time.
All the electronics comes encapsulated together with the battery in the center – rear of the car.

For the price that has the car obviously we cannot expect a proportional direction control. It lacks servo and the address is the typical entering cars radio control toy, is a system of rotation all or nothing. You have the alignment setting in the car.

The transmitter and receiver are run by a single team of 2.4 ghz, and as a bonus it incorporates the possibility of automatic gear changes or with 5 gears.
For gearshift station has a button at the top, there is also a light LED that indicates that March carry at all times.
As a story telling, that at least in the unit that we are testing, the order of power is not the usual, first start car and then the transmitter.
The remote control has a hole at the base, where a cable is for charging the battery of the car with the own batteries on the remote control. Battery 3.7 v’s has a capacity of 120 mAh, as announces the manufacturer.
The car has a kick of incredible, for the little that is. Even being recommended to use gearshift to catch the hang.

The address is compromised by the system used, and sometimes hard to take it by where you want to, especially if it is a very sliding surface. Turn the turning radius is also penalized.
The irregularities of the ground affect the driving, but it is there to take into account the scale of the car and that it has no front suspension.
What most draws attention is the resistant which is the set, is a car to make the Kaffir and surviving to tell the tale more than once.
Along with the car comes a ramp for jumps and a set of cones, rather disproportionate to their scale, but that come to us very well to start to the more small, the world of cars radio control.
I see a set price, taking into account that we have a system of 2, 4 GHz, LiPo battery and the extras like the ramp and cones. Possibly a steering servo would rather improve control of vehicle, but this costs the final price and already not we would be talking about a car of initiation for the kids in house.
Here is the video of presentation of this model by Ninco:

And here some pictures from different angles of the car:

Here’s a video made by our friend Jose Munoz: